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With the various ministries at Mt. Bethel, we have a constant need for volunteers to assist in making each ministry function to its fullest. Please take a few minutes to review our list of needs. We're sure there's a place for you to serve God through serving others at Mt. Bethel!

We Need You Now!

Our greatest needs currently are for Sunday morning volunteers in our Children’s Ministry and on our Welcome Team. A small amount of your time brings great Kingdom rewards!

Volunteer Needs

Welcome Team

Sundays | Contact: Jennifer Bruner

PositionJob DescriptionTime ExpectationTraining
GreetersGreeters serve at one of the entry points to the church on Sunday mornings. They welcome every person who walks into our church with the love of Jesus so that everyone knows they are welcome here. If someone is visiting/new, they are responsible for walking them to their destination, and bringing them to the information desk so we can gather their information and follow-up.Greeters typically serve at either the 9:30 or the 11 am service. They are expected to be here at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the service, and stay until traffic at their entrance has stopped. They are asked to sign up when they are able to serve; no specific time requirement.Training for each group is currently occurring on an individual basis. I communicate with new volunteers, and have them shadow an experienced volunteer until they feel comfortable. In addition, they all receive weekly emails  letting them know of special events, things they need to know, or any other pertinent information.



Parking UshersParking Ushers serve in the parking lot on Sunday mornings. They are responsible for helping the flow of traffic, helping people cross at the crosswalks, and directing new people to the entrances.Parking Ushers serve once every four weeks, as there are currently four teams. Each team has a captain who is responsible for communicating with their team and ensuring they have coverage
Service UshersUshers serve during the worship service. They are responsible for helping people enter and exit the Sanctuary, and complete a head count for attendance. They help with ensure everything is ready for and during worship  Ushers typically serve at either the 9:30 or the 11am service, but some stay for both. They arrive about 30 minutes prior to the service and stay until everyone has left. They are asked to serve when they are able; no specific time requirement 
Student Ministry

Middle School | Sundays | Contact: Elley Lee

PositionJob DescriptionTime ExpectationTraining
Snacks for Middle SchoolPurchase individually wrapped snacks for middle schoolHave snacks delivered to Upper Room Café by 9:00 on Sunday AMNone required
Group LeadersBrief prayer and chat with staff. Being super friendly and welcoming to all student and their families. Engage with students by playing pop-a-shot, ping pong, jenga or other ames in the Cove. During worshsip and message, sit with students and help them engage in what is poing on and not be a distraction. During discussion time, chat with students and encourage discussion based on content provided. Lessons will be be provided inan email durin the week and on hard copy on Sunday AM. Your role is not to teach, but to create a loving environment where kids can feel comfortable.Arrive at the Upper Room by 9:15. Serve each Sunday.Meeting with Student staff, plus ministry training videos for training, Background check plus Safe Sanctuary
GreetersBrief prayer and chat with staff. Being super friendly and welcoming to all student and their families.Ensure all students sign in. Welcome new students/parents and connect them with a staff member. Make sure that parents know when/where to pick up kids. Help new families to connect with Jennifer Bruner.Serve each Sunday 9:15-9:45Training meeting with MB Staff

High School | Days Vary | Contact: Garrett Shiplett

PositionJob DescriptionTime ExpectationTraining
High School Adult LeadersHigh School Volunteers, are devoted to students and shepherding their faith walk. This means being invested in leading discussion when we have breakouts at HS Connect or Collective. This is also checking in on students throughout the week with encouragement and prayer. We also are always looking for leaders to attend different events such as HS Retreats or DNow and being there for our students during these “mountain top” experiences. But most importantly this is a commitment to the students that we have here.VariesTraining with MB student ministry staff

Contact: Garrett Shiplett

PositionJob DescriptionTime ExpectationTraining
Student Worship LeadersStudents volunteer as a part of our student ministry worship team. They help lead worship for students in the various settings that we have throughout our ministry. They are a vital part of our team and help make what we do possible. We are in constant search of kids who have a heart for worship and talent in music.VariesTraining with MB student ministry worship staff
Children's Ministry

Sundays as Desired | Contact: Jenny Thompson

PositionJob DescriptionTime ExpectationTraining
KidCity (K-Grade 5) Small Group LeadersSmall Group Leaders help kids each Sunday apply the less they learned in a Large Group through varies crafts and activities. Serve twice a month at either the 9:30 or 11:00 service Training with MB children’s staff
Media VolunteerAssist with media needs – no experience necessary; if you can use a cell phone you run Pro-presenter.Serve as often as you would like at either service hourTraining with MB children’s staff

Contact: Polly Jarman

PositionJob DescriptionTime ExpectationTraining
Station 34 (3s and 4s) Small Group LeadersLead the craft and games given to them by staff. No advance preparation necessary.Serve twice a month at either the 9:30 or 11:00 serviceTraining with MB children’s staff
Station 34 Large Group LeaderAssist staff with large group activitiesServe twice a month at either the 9:30 or 11:00 service Training with MB children’s staff

Contact: Kimmi Lochner

PositionJob DescriptionTime ExpectationTraining
GreeterWelcome families to our environments and help with check-in and pick-upServe once or twice a month, prior to the start of the service and at the end – about a 15-30 minute commitmentTraining with MB children’s staff

Contact: John Williams

PositionJob DescriptionTime ExpectationTraining
Multiple opportunities availablePlease visit our Missions page to learn more
Food Services Ministry

Contact: Cathy Cunha

PositionJob DescriptionTime ExpectationTraining
Lunch ServerServe on the line or help as neededMonday-Friday, 11am-1pmAll training and Instruction from MB Food Staff
Sunday Morning Breakfast HelpersHelp with preparations as well as set-up and take-downSunday morning 6:30-8:30am
CashierSunday morning 8:30-10:30am
Connector Clean UpSunday morning 12:15-12:45pm
Clean-up and wash dishesSunday morning 10:30am-12:30pm
Music Ministry

Contact: Shannon Herring

PositionJob DescriptionTime ExpectationTraining
Stage Hand/ManagerBefore the Service:

  • 1. Print and distribute morning rundown.
  • Double-check that the candles are lit, and Baptism water is full.
  • Check that ushers are assigned to the podium and know when to bring it out.
  • Double-check doors and curtains are closed.
  • Make sure minister HS mics are adjusted and fitted properly.

During the Service:

  • Cue ministers when to go up.

During Transition:

  • Gather HH, BP, & IEM Packs after each service and distribute them accordingly.
  • If ministers or worship leaders have changes, communicate those to the proper tech/band person.
  • Communicate with Jody/ministers/band if the next service needs to start later.
  • Help keep worship transition on track and keep everyone moving. Help where needed.

Other Duties:

  • A multitude of minor tasks as they arise (ex., the guitar pedal is muted, Christian’s IEM wire is hanging down, something came unplugged, etc.)
Duration of Service
ChoirJoin our choir to sing in the Traditional ServiceWeekly practice on Wednesday evenings and other seasonal opportunities
Adult Discipleship

Contact: Elaine Friedrich

PositionJob DescriptionTime ExpectationTraining
Sunday School and Bible Study LeadershipJoin a Sunday School class and find ways to serve. Bible Study Leadership must apply through Elain Friedrich.Varies

Contact: Matt Lake

PositionJob DescriptionTime ExpectationTraining
Men’s MnistryAssist with monthly set-up and take-down for eventsMonth prior to and followingWork with Discipleship Staff
Serve on Men’s CouncilAssist in monthly event planning and execution

Contact: Chris Nall

PositionJob DescriptionTime ExpectationTraining
Camera OperatorOperate the camera including tilting, panning, focus, and zoomSunday Morning Worship or occasional special event. Commit to once per month in both worship services or twice a month for both services. Arrive between 30 minutes to one hour prior to service, depending on specific needs. Departure times vary.All positions will include hands-on training with MB Staff.
Camera ShaderAdjust cameras by looking at a monitor that insures proper brightness  
Graphics OperatorControls lyrics, scriptures, videos, pictures used on the large screens  
Stream monitorMonitors the video stream to ensure proper operation  
Lighting MonitorControls lights for each element of an event/worship. Could lead into programming over time.  
Audio AssistAssists the audio engineers by setting up/tearing down audio equipment, handling microphones and mic stands, testing for peoper operation and operation of audio control. Could lead to running the audio system.  
StagehandHandles stage set-ups and teardowns; moves items during worship.  
Directory AssistantAssists the director by providing cues for transitions and special moments. Also follows along with music to provide vocal/instrumentation cues. Must be able to read music.