Hearts of Moms Encouraged

What is HOME?

Hearts of Moms Encouraged (HOME) is a women’s group for those in any stage of motherhood where mothers share community, fellowship, encouragement and equip one another for life's challenges. It’s a place of connection where moms can realize they are not alone and discuss topics that reach moms in every season and help them with practical tools to navigate their lives. For moms who want to personally grow in their faith journey and raise families of faith, there's no place like HOME!

Launching This Fall!
Launching This Fall!

HOME launches August 19 and will meet every third Monday in 2024 at Mt. Bethel Church in the Upper Room from 10 to 11:30am.

Join Our HOME Community!

The annual registration fee is $45 which will help to cover the cost of speakers, materials, and supplies used during meetings.