Project 82 Kenya

Project 82 Kenya

Contact: Rebecca Bright

Relationship with Mt. Bethel

Project 82 Kenya (P82) has deep and long-standing ties to Mt. Bethel.  As one of its founders, a Mt. Bethel member, states, "In 2009, we were a group of ordinary people united by our common heart for orphans in Kenya. Together, we’d experienced firsthand the abject poverty and lack of family stability that plagues so many children of Kenya, and we could not turn away. After witnessing the stunningly beautiful souls and the amazing promise that lives inside each child, we knew we were called to act, and Project 82 was born."

With locations in Molo and Neema, nearly 200 children are served. P82 ensures that the children in the mission get food, clothing, shelter, medical attention and therapy as needed, spiritual and emotional support, and support and training for families who desire to reunite with their children.

Kingdom Impact

Project 82 Kenya is a direct response to God’s call to love and care for orphans in Kenya by developing sustainable solutions that empower local leadership to disciple, feed, clothe, and educate the orphans in their community. They offer two care homes, but emphasize keeping children with their families while offering educational and other resources as needed or placing the children in new loving homes.

How You Can Help

  • Assist with fundraising
  • Go on a mission trip*
  • Sponsor a child

*During COVID, Project82 focused efforts on making sure food and medical supplies were available to the communities where they serve.