Life Academy

Life Academy (Romania)

Contact: Paul Cardell

Relationship with Mt. Bethel

Mt. Bethel has a long-standing relationship with Life Academy and usually offers an annual short-term mission trip as well as providing financial support.

Kingdom Impact

Since its beginning in 2004, Life Academy has served over 60 orphans from three different orphanages. Life Academy Romania exists to help Romanian orphans who are aging out of orphanages to transition from institutions to independent life. Life Academy holds classes in Christian discipleship, practical matters of living outside of an institution, and job networking. Additionally, we provide Christian social groups to encourage young Romanian orphans and to develop social and economic skills. The participants in Life Academy must hold jobs or be in school full-time.

How You Can Help

  • Join a short-term mission team*.
  • Financially support the staff in Romania to guide and aid the orphans.
  • Pray for a Romanian young person who is starting out in life after leaving an orphanage.
  • Help with U.S. outreach to build a network of praying and supportive Christians building up the youth of Romania.

*For information on short-term mission trips, contact our Missions team.