Every Sunday at 12:30 pm  |  Upper Room

SUNDAYS • 12:30pm • Upper Room (Will not meet during holidays.)

🎧 WSP150 – A New and Exciting Experience for Middle and High School Students 

🎸 What is WSP150?
WSP is our acronym for the way Mt. Bethel NexGen will Worship, Sing, and Play, and 150 is from Psalm 150 in which we are called to give God all praise.

Mt. Bethel NextGen invites all middle and high school students to grow their faith and love for Christ through Mt. Bethel’s new Student Worship and Music Ministry, WSP150. Easton Isbell, our new Student Ministry Worship Leader, has some great new plans for our students to grow in the talents that God has given them. This program is the next generation of what was formerly the Voice of Truth student choir and will enhance the experience by offering Worship Leadership training and so much more.  We invite all students who sing, play an instrument, or are even interested in technical support and media to join us!