Men’s Breakfast with Jim Pirkle

June 3 7:30 am  |  Fellowship Hall

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Join us Saturday, June 3, for a breakfast gathering with Jim Pirkle, one of the most engaging and knowledgeable Bible teachers you’ll ever hear! With both a medical degree and a PhD, Dr. Pirkle has a deep understanding in science, AND he’s a Christ-follower! Through his studies, he believes that faith and science can co-exist, that the findings revealed through science consistently reveal God’s handiwork.

According to Dr. Pirkle, “The more we know from science, the more God is revealed especially as we examine the complexity and interdependencies of creation at the molecular level.” Find out more about him and his findings here.

Don’t miss this opportunity for food, fellowship, and what will surely be a thought-provoking message!

Contact Devin Householderif you have any questions.