Compassion into Action – Making a Difference
Rev. Kim McGarr
Earlier this year, our Compassion Fund played a vital role in extending a helping hand to a family facing financial challenges. Through the generous support of our community, we were able to provide the assistance they needed. What’s truly heartening is that this act of kindness went beyond financial aid—it became a catalyst for a beautiful connection.

Upon presenting the family with the financial support they required, I extended an invitation for them to join our Mt. Bethel family. It has been a longstanding tradition to welcome those we assist into our community, and this instance was no exception. Each invitation carries the hope that our church can become a sanctuary for those seeking solace and support.A few weeks later, the family attended our worship service, and I had the pleasure of meeting the mom before the Sunday morning service. She expressed deep gratitude for the assistance received, and in that moment, we embraced. It was a poignant realization of the impact we can have when we open our hearts and extend an invitation.

Since that initial meeting, this family has embraced our community wholeheartedly. They have not only attended our worship services but have actively participated in various programs offered by Mt. Bethel. The mom has eloquently conveyed her gratitude, emphasizing that it was not just the financial support but the warmth of the invitation and the genuine welcome they received from their very first visit that made a lasting impression. She has since stated that she is a living testament to how prayer can change a life and how thankful she is for all that Mt. Bethel has done, not only for her, but for many in the community.

The Compassion Fund has proven to be more than a means of financial aid; it has become a conduit for building bridges of connection within our community. It has allowed us to extend a helping hand, invite others into our fold, and, in turn, witness the transformative power of community and compassion.

As we reflect on this beautiful encounter, let us continue to be a beacon of hope and support for those in need. Together, we can create a community where everyone feels embraced, valued, and a vital part of our Mt. Bethel family.

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