The Power of Partnership: MUST Ministries and Mt. Bethel Church

The Power of Partnership: Mt. Bethel and MUST Ministries

MUST Ministries, a nonprofit organization, has been powered by its dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and the steadfast support of Mt. Bethel Church. Together, they have transformed the lives of countless individuals, offering a glimmer of hope and a helping hand when needed most. For over 25 years, MUST Ministries and Mt. Bethel have joined hands and hearts in a beautiful mission to serve our community and neighbors in need. This partnership, built on steadfast generosity and a shared commitment to making a difference, has enabled MUST Ministries to soar to new heights with life-changing programs.

The Hope House: A Haven of Warmth

One of the remarkable programs under MUST Ministries’ umbrella is the Hope House. This refuge offers solace and protection to over 136 individuals every night. Thanks to the combined efforts of MUST Ministries and Mt. Bethel, those who were once struggling to find shelter now have a place to call home.

Summer Lunch Program: Nourishing Minds

Another testament to this extraordinary partnership is the Summer Lunch Program, which provides meals to over 6,000 kids during the scorching summer months. The collaboration between MUST Ministries and Mt. Bethel ensures that no child in their community goes to bed hungry during the school break.

Workforce Development: Creating Opportunities

Through its dedicated Workforce Development program, MUST Ministries has placed over 800 individuals into stable jobs – just this year! This program is a testament to the transformative power of their partnership with Mt. Bethel, which has helped establish vital programs that empower individuals to build better lives for themselves and their families.

MUST Ministries’ Marketplace: Thriving Wardrobe

In a display of remarkable community support, this year saw a donation of over 190,000 pieces of clothing to MUST Ministries Marketplace. This staggering number demonstrates the extraordinary compassion both organizations have sparked within the community, which extends to the many individuals who rely on these contributions.

The Mobile Pantry: A Lifeline on Wheels

One of the most pivotal programs made possible by this partnership is the MUST Mobile Pantry. Through the generosity of our church community, Mt. Bethel was able to help bring this project to life. This Mobile Pantry on wheels has become a lifeline for the community, serving over 10 locations every month. In the past year, it reached over 20,000 people and distributed more than 700 tons of food. This remarkable achievement showcases the tremendous impact of coming together to serve those in need.

A Heartfelt Appreciation

The leadership at MUST Ministries expressed their profound gratitude for the continuous support of Mt. Bethel Church. Watch more in this video. Without the unwavering kindness and generosity of this congregation, many of these vital programs and initiatives would not have been possible. The partnership between our organizations exemplifies the power of collective goodwill and the incredible transformations that can happen when a community comes together.


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