Nurturing Faith in Your Children

Welcome to TALKITUP, the podcast dedicated to helping parents become the spiritual leaders of their households. Special guest, Gaylyn Kelly, joins us to discuss the signs of children taking their faith personally and the steps parents can take to nurture their spiritual growth. This episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice for parents at any stage of their journey.

Segment 1: Catching the Faith Bug

Matt Lake: What signs can parents look for to know that their children are taking their faith personally? Gaylyn, have you seen this in your own children or others?

Gaylyn Kelly: That’s a big question, but an important one. The first thing I’d like to emphasize is that it’s never too early or too late to start loving your children where they are. Whether they are two or twenty years old, it’s not too late to begin nurturing their faith. One of the most effective ways is by modeling your own faith. Let them catch you praying for them, reading your Bible, and living out your beliefs. Even if your sanctuary is the carpool line, use that time to point them toward God. Additionally, take advantage of everyday opportunities like appreciating God’s creation together. When they start imitating these actions and sharing their own discoveries, that’s a positive si

Segment 2: Allowing Room for Growth

Matt Lake: Gaylyn, how should parents respond when their children start pushing back or questioning aspects of their faith journey?

Gaylyn Kelly: It’s crucial to celebrate their exploration without stifling it. When your child starts saying things back to you or questioning, it’s a great time to acknowledge and encourage their curiosity. Remember, it’s not necessary to be dogmatic. Be open to their journey and provide space for them to learn and discover at their own pace.

Segment 3: What If It Feels Out of Control?

Matt Lake: Many parents may feel overwhelmed, thinking they’ve lost control over their child’s faith journey. What advice do you have for parents in such situations?

Gaylyn Kelly: It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed. When you no longer know their friends or what’s happening in their lives, it can be unsettling. My advice is to be the “weird” parent, and by that, I mean, be involved and vigilant. Don’t hesitate to know your child’s friends and their families. Protect your family by asking questions about guns, alcohol, and other potential dangers. If I could go back and do things differently, I would delay giving them a cell phone and restrict their access to social media. Be the parent who defends your family’s mission statement and protects your children from potential harm in the culture.

Segment 4: Never Giving Up on Your Children

Matt Lake: Gaylyn, you’ve mentioned not giving up on your children even in their worst moments. How can parents convey this message effectively?

Gaylyn Kelly: It’s essential to let your children know that you believe in them, even when you might not like their choices. As Christ first loved us, we should love our children and show them that they matter. Never give up on the most wayward child. Your belief in them can be a powerful force for their transformation.


In this episode, we’ve explored the signs that indicate your children are taking their faith personally and how parents can play a pivotal role in nurturing their spiritual growth. Gaylyn Kelly has provided valuable insights on modeling faith, allowing room for exploration, and never giving up on your children. Remember, it’s never too late to embark on this powerful parenting journey, and your love and guidance can make a profound difference in your child’s faith journey. Thank you for joining us on TALKITUP, and we’ll see you next time!