Edwin’s Journey with SafeHouse Outreach

Restoring Lives with Dignity: Edwin’s Journey with SafeHouse Outreach

In a world where compassion and faith often collide with the harsh realities of homelessness, SafeHouse Outreach stands as a beacon of hope, working tirelessly to restore lives with dignity through faith, hope, and compassionate service. Edwin Turnipseed, Mt. Bethel Church’s Recreation and Outreach Pastor and Board Chair for SafeHouse Outreach, sheds light on the organization’s inspiring journey and unique approach to addressing homelessness.

Building Relationships, One Meal at a Time 

The organization’s journey begins with “impact nightly services.” Six nights a week, SafeHouse Outreach, in partnership with other agencies, serves a hot meal to those experiencing homelessness in Atlanta. Edwin emphasizes, “It’s really not about the meal, it’s about building relationships. The meal is the conduit by which we can provide dignity for the individual.”

Problem Solvers: Bridging the Gap 

Once the initial relationship is established, individuals are more likely to seek help with their unique challenges. This is where the “problem solvers” step in. These compassionate souls work to address a myriad of social service issues, whether it’s obtaining identification, securing a mailbox, or reuniting with family. SafeHouse Outreach believes that before people can share their problems, they must first realize their humanity, and food plays a crucial role in achieving this.

The Path to Self-Sufficiency: Next Level 

Beyond problem-solving, SafeHouse Outreach offers a career development program known as “Next Level.” This program focuses on providing career-ready job placements, giving individuals a hand up, not a handout. While they have numerous partners willing to hire program graduates, participants must intern at SafeHouse to gain valuable skills and develop crucial attributes like following directions and punctuality.

From Homelessness to Boardroom: A True Success Story 

One of SafeHouse Outreach’s most remarkable achievements is having a former client now serving on their board. This individual transitioned from homelessness to a career-ready job and is now giving back to the organization that helped change their life. It’s a testament to the transformative power of compassion and support.

Embracing the Complexity of Homelessness

SafeHouse Outreach holds a unique perspective on homelessness—they don’t aim to eradicate it. Instead, their goal is to be a resource that helps people move out of it. They understand the reality that homelessness may never be completely eradicated and focus on making a meaningful impact within the existing framework.

Mt. Bethel: A Strong Partner in the Journey 

SafeHouse Outreach collaborates with numerous churches and organizations, but Edwin explains why Mt. Bethel’s partnership is so impactful. “Mt Bethel is probably one of our stronger church partners because of its consistency, the fact that there’s a heart for wanting to go and serve, but also for wanting to change the narrative around homelessness.”

Watch Mt. Bethel volunteers serving with SHO here.

In the heart of Atlanta, SafeHouse Outreach stands as a testament to the power of faith, hope, and compassionate service. As they continue to serve those experiencing homelessness and offer a hand-up, SafeHouse Outreach illuminates a path towards a brighter future for all.

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