Crafting a Family Mission Statement

Welcome to the TALKITUP Podcast! We are thrilled to launch this new Christian parenting podcast with special guest, Gaylyn Kelly, Director of Discipleship at Mt. Bethel Church. Our focus for this episode is on the essence of Christian parenting and what it means to be a spiritual leader in your household. Our goal is to equip parents with valuable resources and insights to navigate this incredible journey of raising godly children.

The Unique Context of East Cobb County: 

To provide context to our conversation, we discuss the unique demographic of East Cobb County, Georgia, where Mt. Bethel Church is located. The area is characterized by a high percentage of families and households, with a substantial population of children under 21. The median income is relatively high, which influences the dynamics of parenting in this community.

Crafting a Family Mission Statement:

The heart of our discussion revolves around the concept of a “family mission statement.” Director of Discipleship and mother of four adult children, Gaylyn Kelly, shares her insights into this valuable tool for Christian parenting. She emphasizes the importance of knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing as a parent, even when disagreements arise. A family mission statement helps provide clarity and purpose in parenting.

Gaylyn’s family mission statement centered on the idea that who her children are as individuals is more important than what they achieve professionally. It focuses on character development and creating a loving, supportive home environment. She also highlights the importance of having a biblical worldview and aligning your parenting goals with it.

Practical Steps for Creating a Family Mission Statement: 

For parents looking to create their family mission statement, Gaylyn offers practical steps:

  • Start with a conversation: Begin by discussing your hopes, dreams, and values for your children with your spouse or a trusted friend.
  • Define your priorities: Determine what matters most to you, whether it’s character development, faith, or other values.
  • Reflect on your purpose: Consider the long-term goals for your children and what kind of individuals you want them to become.
  • Draft your mission statement: Write down your family’s mission statement, incorporating your values and priorities.
  • Share it with your family: Engage your children in discussions about the mission statement as they grow, helping them understand its importance.