Trafficked and Enslaved

God calls us to free those who are being held captive sexually or physically through love, support, and viable options to escape their situation.

In a world where countless individuals are subjected to the horrors of trafficking and enslavement, it becomes our moral duty to heed God’s call to bring freedom to these captive souls. Mt. Bethel Church has taken up this divine mandate as one of its four mission sector categories. Through partnerships with The Table on Delk, Wellspring Living, and Missio Link International (Romania), Mt. Bethel is dedicated to fighting against the chains of sexual and physical captivity that plague our society.

Understanding the Circumstances:

Trafficking and enslavement are dark realities that deny individuals their basic human rights and dignity. Victims, often forced into sexual or labor exploitation, endure unimaginable suffering, fear, and trauma.

Love in Action:

At the core of Mt. Bethel Church’s mission to combat trafficking and enslavement lies a profound love for humanity. Recognizing that the path to freedom is paved with empathy and understanding, we seek to help provide safe haven and practical assistance for survivors. Through various outreach initiatives, we aim to restore dignity and empower survivors to rebuild their lives.

Supporting Survivors:

The journey to freedom is not easily traversed alone. By partnering with local organizations and dedicated volunteers, we create a network of support that surrounds survivors with love, care, and guidance. This support system addresses the multifaceted needs of survivors, including physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Viable Options for Escape:

In the battle against trafficking and enslavement, offering viable options for escape is paramount. Our partners work tirelessly to collaborate with law enforcement agencies, legal aid organizations, and shelters to provide survivors with a pathway to safety. By facilitating access to resources such as emergency housing, medical care, and legal assistance, we can ensure that survivors have the means to break free from their captors.

Spreading Awareness:

Through educational programs, workshops, and awareness campaigns, we strive to enlighten individuals about the signs of exploitation, the tactics used by traffickers, and how to prevent victimization. By fostering a vigilant community, the church aims to dismantle the structures that enable trafficking and create a safer environment for all.

By extending a helping hand to survivors, offering support, and providing viable options for escape, we can exemplify the transformative power of God’s love and compassion. In answering God’s call to free those held captive, we can illuminate the path to restoration, hope, and a brighter future for survivors of trafficking and enslavement.