Dr. John Freeland

Remember the game we used to play as kids? Hide something for another to search for it, and as they move around the room, the “hider” says, “warmer, cold, colder, freezing, warmer, warm, hot, oooh hot, hot, hot — burning up!”? Accountability? Warm. Safety in numbers? Freezing! Monkey see, monkey do? Hot. Intercession. Hot, hot, hot — burning up! 

Corporate prayer is about all of these things, but more than that, it is like children coming together to plead their case before their father. That is who we are – children. That is who God is – Father. We are children before their Father giving Him thanks, enjoying His company (and one another’s company), asking Him to do something for us or someone else, and telling Him how much we love Him and each other. 

When we come together with a specific and focused purpose, like we will Thursday, May 4, National Day of Prayer, it is a time of power and unity, and YOU are invited. Your presence is important because your voice added to my voice added to the other voices bring about big results and dynamic unity. Big results and dynamic unity are important, and so is our Nation. “One Nation under God” (we’re not leaving that part out!).  

Mt. Bethel Church, this is what we need to do: come together and pray. You have been such an awesome praying church! I know you will be praying Thursday for our Nation and for our church. There is no hope for revival in this country if churches do not pray and pray hard. 

Let us join together in a place of history. Did you know the Mt. Bethel Chapel is a place of history? For over 180 years, Mt. Bethel members and members of the East Cobb community (even before it was called East Cobb) have been praying and worshipping in that space. It is an honor and privilege to continue. It makes me think of the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11 and the cloud of witnesses in Hebrews 12:1. Many have gone before us, praying and worshiping in that historic place. Join me there as we follow and build upon their example. 

The Chapel will be open from 8am until 4pm on National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 4, 2023, for you to come and pray in person. You can find prayer prompts specific to the National Day of Prayer here, so feel free to pray at home throughout the day. Pray, Church, pray — hot, hot, hot — burning up! Scorching hot! 

Your servant, 

Dr. John Freeland
Pastor of Prayer/Care