The Tide is Rising
Dr. Jody Ray

It’s Friday morning, and I’m still thinking about our Easter worship services. What an amazing experience! The choir, the orchestra, and our worship leaders were absolutely amazing. The congregational singing was powerful. The Spirit of God was moving in our midst. But the most important aspect of our worship on Sunday was the name of Jesus was lifted high! Hearts and lives were changed Sunday. I’m already hearing stories about people committing to live a lifestyle of forgiveness. Only God can change the human heart. 

Y’all, I believe we are experiencing the early stages of revival, and I don’t want to get in the way of what God is doing. We can’t make revival happen – it’s completely the work of God. It reminds me of a story I read a few months ago.  

There was a ship that strayed off course near San Diego some years ago. It became stuck in a reef at low tide. Twelve tugboats were unsuccessful in their attempt to budge it. Finally, the captain instructed the tugs to go back home. He sighed, “I’ll just be patient and wait.” He waited until high tide. All of a sudden, the ocean began to rise. What human power could not do, the rising tide of the Pacific Ocean did. It lifted that ship and put it back into the channel. 

I feel the rumblings of something like this happening at Mt. Bethel in this season we are living in. Remember in Acts 2, the disciples are gathered in the Upper Room. They were all together in one place – dazed, confused, and fearful of their future – when all of a sudden, the tide of God rolled in. 

There was a sound like the rush of a mighty wind. Above every head, there appeared a tongue of fire, and these Galileans caught fire for God by the Holy Spirit.  

There was such a turmoil that onlookers thought the disciples were drunk. It fell upon Simon Peter to interpret to the crowd what was occurring. He said, “These people are not drunk!” No, they weren’t drunk; the prophecy of Joel was being fulfilled. God was pouring out His Spirit on His people, and Peter began telling them the good news of Jesus. When he finished that first sermon, about three thousand souls were added to the church. 

How we long to have such excitement in the church again! How we long for the mighty tide of God to roll in once more! The church was born in excitement. Church ought to be the most exciting place in the community. 

There are many books written about revival, and I’ve read many of them. What I see happening in our church right now is the rumblings of a revival breaking out at Mt. Bethel. The Holy Spirit is moving church – the tide is rising – and I’m excited to see what’s next!