Are You Looking for a Piece of Miracle Action?
Dr. Jody Ray

In 1880, Colonel George and Sarah Clarke, purchased the lease for the Pacific Beer Garden in Chicago, IL. Dropping the word beer, the couple added the word mission and launched a ministry to homeless alcoholics and the downtrodden. Thus, was born the Pacific Garden Mission, the second oldest rescue mission in the United States. Colonel and Mrs. Clarke bore the cost of the mission, but as expenses grew and work expanded, funds ran low. The day came when they couldn’t pay the rent. Attempts to secure funds failed, and the Clarke’s were told they only had 24 hours to pay. Otherwise, they would lose their lease and the mission would have to close.

Throughout the night they prayed fervently, asking God to guide and provide in his own way and time. They reminded the Lord of the souls being saved each night and the of men and women whose lives were being changed. They asked why they should find themselves in such straits while doing his work. They persevered in simple faith and in earnest prayer until dawn.

When they walked out of their house that morning, they were shocked. What had happened to their front yard? It was covered with something white that instantly reminded them of the manna from heaven in the Old Testament. They were shocked to find their lawn was filled with mushrooms of the highest quality, which was a mystery because it wasn’t the season for mushrooms. Gathering their crop, the couple carted the mushrooms down the street to the chefs at the Palmer House Hotel where they sold those mushrooms for enough money to pay the rent! They even had money left over to meet other expenses. Think about it, while they prayed, the mushrooms grew! Today, the work of the Pacific Garden Mission continues in ministry to the least and the lost in Chicago.

Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be yours as well.” Do you know what the “all these things” Jesus is talking about are? Jesus is telling us when we put his kingdom first, the “all these things” needed for ministry will be ours. It means you can start looking for miracles!

What do you do when God grows fine mushrooms out of season on the front lawns of faithful servants so the least and the lost can have a place to hear about the Savior? You thank Him. You worship Him. You follow Him. And last, but not least, you ask for a piece of the action.

You see, God is completely and utterly committed to the Gospel. Let me say it another way: God is completely and utterly committed to reaching people who are far from Him and inviting them to be in relationship with Him. God wants to save us, redeem us, and to set us on a course with a new purpose to share this Gospel with everyone we meet.

God is not obligated to fund our projects. God is not interested in propping up lifeless churches, so they can just do religious stuff. God is completely and utterly committed to the good news of the Gospel of his Son and to any and everyone who makes it their first priority.

Here’s the thing, it’s not just a promise that all these things shall be yours, but it is the fact God calls us (you and me) to be part of a great adventure as His ambassadors in the world. When we begin to understand what God is passionate about, it will begin to shape our lives and become the priority of His church.

Jesus’ words are right and true because behind them are the riches of the love and character of our Holy God! In Jesus Christ, we see the only begotten Son of God, the perfect sacrifice for our sin, and the only One vindicated by resurrection from the dead. Jesus’ words are not just to be admired; they are to be put into practice. When we align our lives to His will and make His priorities our priorities, we experience the abundant life.

I don’t know if you recognize it, but Mt. Bethel is changing. God’s priorities are more and more becoming our priorities. We are becoming a church of prayer and the Word. We believe that miracles happen, and we are praying fervently for God to move in miraculous ways among us!

I love to think about the Clarke’s praying all night for a miracle. While they prayed, the mushrooms grew!

Will you join me today and pray for a miracle?