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Your Servant is Listening

October 20, 2016
By Susan Preece, Children's Ministry

susanI’m not quite an old church lady, but I’m working on it. I have been with the church as a child, youth, young adult, married adult, and mother. I’ve seen different phases of worship, new ways of studying the Bible, times of looking inward, and times when social outreach programs became a central identity of the church. At times, I’ve gotten dizzy with the constant need for change in the church. But it has allowed me to take joy and hold on to a God who is the same each day and yet continues to speak truth and wisdom and hope with each change in our world. And truthfully, in this day and age, I cling to a mighty God for His direction and guidance more than ever.

As I look at my upcoming next phase as an empty-nesting, retirement-challenged, Jesus-lover, I know I want to be a relevant contributor in a place that praises God in all circumstances, testifies about a gracious Savior that loves every soul, and helps people of all ages live out their calling as God’s child. I realize my prayer means that I may have to become more aware of my surroundings and change my thinking and my approach about reaching other people. It may mean that I have to be flexible in ways that I have become comfortable in order to make a place for a new Christian to grow and flourish. It may mean that I have to do things differently or step out of my comfort zone. May I never get so rigid and set in my ways that I deter someone else from encountering God.

I am trusting in God to lead me. I cling to the old rugged cross, but I take great joy in watching people learn of God’s Amazing Grace for a first or new time.

Your servant is listening; speak Lord to my soul.

Susan Preece, Children’s Ministry