Young Couples Sunday Class

July 24, 2019
By MB Discipleship

We are Lindsay and Spencer Smith. We’ve been married for three years and have been attending Mt.Bethel for one year. Like so many young couples, our journey to find a church home has not always been an easy one.

As soon as we were engaged, we knew we had to take on the arduous task of finding a church that was a match for us as a couple. The churches we grew up in were as different as our journeys to believing in Christ. In our first few years of marriage, we attended several different churches that never felt quite right for both of us.

Once we moved to Marietta, our continued search was filled with a sense of optimism and a little bit of church shopping exhaustion. Now that we’ve found our home at Mt.Bethel, we’ve refocused on finding a smaller community where we can connect.

The first three years of our marriage have had their own challenges, laughs, and opportunities, and we know we’re not alone. As we journey through the beginning of our marriage, our careers, and this season of adulthood, we’re looking for some partners.

As with all seasons of life, this one feels impossible to go through without the strength of God and relationship with other believers. We want to be with couples going through the same things, different things, and anything in between.

To help carve out this community, we are helping to launch a new Sunday morning class focused on married couples under 35. The Love & Marriage class begins Sunday, August 4, in F104 (the media center in the academy building), and we’re excited to get started.

If this sounds like you, and you’re looking to navigate life and the Word with friends, we would love to have you join us!

— Lindsay & Spencer Smith

Questions?  Please contact Spencer Smith or Lindsay Smith.