You Asked For It

July 2, 2018
By Mary

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About “You Asked For It” Series

Last month, we asked you to submit your most pressing spiritual questions. In this sermon series, we will answer them. Whether you submitted your question, or you missed the opportunity, this will be a chance to learn something you’ve been wanting to know.

Have you ever felt like others have such a great understanding of God’s purpose for their life, while you’re still struggling to understand what yours is? Have you ever wondered about the voice of God, what it sounds like, and how to know if you’re hearing it? These are just two examples of the many questions we will be exploring in this series.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question—we were blessed and overwhelmed by the response we received. In fact, we received so many questions that we can’t possibly cover them all in one sermon series. So, in addition to our sermon series, we will also host a You Asked For It blog series.