You Asked for It: If God Knows All, Why Does Prayer Matter?

July 23, 2018
By Rev. Kim McGarr, Pastor of Care Ministry

“If God knows all, why does prayer matter?”

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Let me be honest with you right from the start. My prayer life has a tendency to ebb and flow. I want to always be connected to God through prayer, but often I let things get in the way. Life, responsibilities, and even good things in the wrong place can keep me from praying like I should. When I am connected to my Heavenly Father through prayer, life is at its best and most blessed!

Growing up, my great grandmother was a devoted Methodist. When I stayed with her, we read the Bible and said the same prayer every evening before we went to bed. She taught me about sentence prayers–where you open the day with prayer and all day long you stay in communication with God by sending sentence prayers as you need help, or a situation arises. It means you spend all day talking with God. When I practice this type of open communication with God, I feel connected. I receive from God wisdom and guidance, and He feels closer and more accessible to me.

What I am trying to say is that prayer changes me and grows my relationship with God. God does know everything, but when I send up my sentence prayers I feel His presence, power, and strength with me. I’m not informing Him–I’m inviting Him into my day, my life. When I open the day and close the evening in prayer, I am saying thank you to the one who gave me life and another precious day.

Prayer’s purpose isn’t to inform God of what He doesn’t know or urge Him to do what He is unwilling to do. No, Prayer is about who I become because I have been in communication with my Heavenly Father. Through prayer, I open myself to God. I invite Him into my life, every second of the day, and every situation or person I will encounter. In return, our gracious God shares wisdom, encouragement, and power. He often makes a way where there seems to be no way, and only when I am connected and communicating with Him do I understand and see what He is showing me and trying to say to me. Through prayer, I am connected to the power source of fulfilled living–the author and perfecter of our faith.

Prayer is more about my willingness to submit to God, to trust my Father, and to keep the communications lines open and ready to hear what He has for me. How awesome is it that the creator of the universe has an open line for me to talk with Him at any time about anything!

Gracious God, every day is a time of need! Help me to trust you enough to invite you into my life, and talk with you about all things. What a blessing to have a Heavenly Father who is so loving and accessible. Let me not neglect any opportunity to communicate with you. Use our conversations as a time to teach me and empower me for your glory and the work of the kingdom. In Christ we pray, Amen.