Women’s Habitat Build Day

September 17, 2013
By Nicole Taylor, Director of Women's Ministries

Habitat 4 My alarm went off a little too early after a night of not much sleep.  However, I was excited about what the Women’s Build Day at the Mt. Bethel Habitat Home would bring.  I rushed around the house that morning getting myself and 3 little ones ready for the day.  By the time I hopped in the car to head over to Austell I felt like I had already run half a marathon.  I pulled up to the house a few minutes past nine and people were already buzzing around getting started.  Would I fit in with the group?  Would I be part of the work that was going on or would I just be in the way?  I’ve never put siding on a house.  Would this be something I could do?  I’m always willing to help but I don’t know a lot about construction.  At home my husband directs the construction projects and I just do what he says. 🙂  Would there be someone to lead me here?

All of my questions and doubts would be answered quickly.  After signing in, we had a brief safety training and then everyone was divided into teams.  I was assigned to a team with two other women that I had never met.
Habitat 3After our initial introductions, we were given all of the tools we needed for the day…a ladder, a blue measuring stick, a hammer, a caulk gun and a nail gun.  Within 10 minutes of getting started, I couldn’t believe it but we were in a groove!  Our team leader John continued to give us direction, guidance and help, but Wynne, Missy and I were actually putting siding on a house.  Before long we weren’t just putting siding on a home but we were sharing our lives.  Do you work?  Where do you live?  Have you been on vacation this summer?  How many kids do you have?  As God always does, he provided fun connections for us.  It turns out John is a Delta pilot and Wynne, Missy and I all have family members who have flown planes or dream of piloting them one day.  The day flew by as we worked and talked.  As we sat down to enjoy lunch, Wynne mentioned how peaceful it was.  We were sitting under a large tree, listening to birds chirp and continuing to talk.  It wasn’t just that moment that was peaceful though, it had been the whole morning.  As I reflected on my busy morning getting everyone together at home, I found it so striking that God would actually calm our hearts and give us such peace while building someone else’s home. Habitat 1 My heart was no longer questioning if I would fit in but was actually enjoying being present in the moment where God had placed me.  I often rush around trying to get myself here and there, but it was actually in the serving of others that I was able to slow down and enjoy the present.  After lunch we fell back into our groove and ended up completing the siding on the entire back side and all but one row of the right side of the house!  We wanted to finish the last row but our children were almost done with school and we had to get back.

On the way home, instead of feeling like I was dragging towards the finish line of my daily marathon, I felt re-energized.  God had been so gracious to work out all the of the details of the day and allowed us to enjoy serving and building community with one another.  I left with a thankful heart!  I want to give a special thank you to the Mt. Bethel Habitat home leaders for encouraging us to come out and serve. We were invited back and we can’t wait!

Nicole Taylor, Director of Women’s Ministries

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