With You In the Tension

November 8, 2017
By Jono Moehlig, Student Ministry High School Associate

There is a struggle I think most of us go through. When we have this fantastic idea of something to do, a direction we want our life to move in, and then it’s like we hit a brick wall. When I was a senior in high school, I was working as hard as I possibly could to be the starting linebacker for the football team. The first day we were able to put on pads and hit people was the first time I’ve felt my knee move in a direction it was never designed for. Soon after that, I learned I tore two ligaments in my right knee. I hit a brick wall that I had to fight through.

Other times it’s not so physical. In our relationships, we think we’re getting closer with friends or a significant other, and then one of us does something stupid and hurts the relationship. In our communities, things are headed in the right direction and people are coming together in a unified manner, and then a divisive comment is made. Sometimes an explanation for all of this is “spiritual warfare.” The Bible describes the battle we have as not between flesh and blood but the spiritual forces of wickedness in this world. There are instances when we know we’re headed in the right direction because Satan is trying to stop us. To be honest, it’s a struggle for me to find out if that’s true. Is God putting up a brick wall for me to run into, or is it the evil one?

Have you ever asked that question? You’re a high school student and you apply to your dream school but you don’t get in. You’re at a company for five years and apply for a promotion that you don’t get. You ask a girl or guy who you really like out on a date, and it goes horribly wrong. Situations like this happen everyday. Is it God telling us to go in another direction or is it that we just need to fight a little harder?

It’s not a question I can answer for you. It’s not a question I always have an answer for myself. Discernment is a tough thing. Discerning if a spirit is of God can be a struggle. I wish I had an answer for all of us but I’m here with you in the struggle. I’m here with you, wondering if I’m hitting a brick wall because God wants me to change direction or if I need to fight harder to get to the place God has for me. The tension you feel, I feel as well. The tension in discovering the path God has set before us is a tension the Church knows well. My hope and prayer for you as we enter into the holiday season and soon into a new year is that you seek first the Kingdom of God. Seek his Kingdom and be patient. As you may have learned by now,  our instant gratification culture often doesn’t line up with God’s timing. Patience and trust go hand in hand. So will you trust God and be patient that He will work all things for good? I’m with you in the tension.

— Jono Moehlig, Student Ministry High School Associate