Who’s Your One?

August 17, 2018
By Stephen Watts

As I was riding my bike on the Silver Comet trail a couple of months ago, I noticed two men in a parking lot. As I passed by them, I could hear God urging me to turn around to talk to them. I can partly blame my wife for this. She had a similar experience: One night as she was driving to Mt. Bethel for Wednesday night dinner, she turned around to talk to two people walking in our neighborhood. If my wife was bold enough to talk with them with a car full of hungry kids, then surely God would give me the words to speak to these gentlemen.

My conversation with them was very pleasant and consisted mainly of me asking them questions about what they believe. I left with contact information from one of them, and we’ve been talking with each other every couple of weeks. When Pastor Steven talked about “who’s your one,” I immediately thought of my new friend.

Prior to becoming a Christian, I was somebody else’s “one.” God knew I needed a lot of help, so I am thankful for all the people God placed around me to help me place my faith in Christ. I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe in divine appointments. Nothing in our life happens by accident—it is orchestrated by a mighty God who knows all things.

Think about how much more purpose-filled our lives would be if we were always looking for these “one” opportunities. God gives us these every day, but we might be so focused on ourselves or on difficult circumstances that we miss them. Thankfully, I was ready that day and will be more willing in the days to come. They might not be earth-shattering moments, but conversations about faith or serving and thinking of others first. I believe these moments are exactly what Peter was talking about in 1 Peter 2:5 when he says we are offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God, because in verse 9 he says that we are “a holy people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” Let us go forward today looking for the ones to whom we can declare the praises of God’s wonderful light.