What God is doing in Kenya

July 19, 2012
By Johnna Bain

We are sitting in a cyber cafe in Nyharuru, Kenya, and we are teaming
up trying to update all of you on what GOD has been doing.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we were able to spend our time in Molo. God
is evident there between both House of Hope orphanages, the Molo
Revival church, Pastor Francis, Grace, Rose, Jane, Pastor Steven, and
of course, the children.

All of us, who sponsor a child in Molo through Project 82, were able
to meet or reunite with our children. How glorious it was to hear the
squeals of joy as hugs were exchanged, pictures were taken, and tears were shed.
It was incredible to share time and stories and make memories with the
children there. The team shared the message of Jesus calling the
first disciples to follow Me. We stepped into the Project 82 Saturday
program by helping with bead making, drama, story time, guitar, and
singing. We were also able to take part in the newest skill lesson:
cooking. Two of the young men, Simon and David, said they had never
cooked before, and all the final product was consumed and was found to
be “very nice.” Chocolate chip cookies were the first thing baked! No one could resist.

The day rounded out with much celebration of who God is and how much
He has provided.

The Mt. Bethel team rested after an evening at Ukarimu with the
sweetest caregivers ever. On Sunday morning, a spectacular day awakened and awaited us as we
walked into the church. First time visitors were lovingly surprised
and embraced worship in Kenya and soon realized that Sunday worship is
not only a spiritual experience but an aerobic experience as well.
The day of worship was filled with many of our team members taking
part in the service. Andrew played guitar, Taylor shared a message,
many prayed, and Ryan rapped with Dan Omondi. We all were struck when
the entire congregation lifted Jonathan Lawson up in prayer! It reminded us that if you ask
a Kenyan to pray for you, they do! Humbled and full, we ended
our time at Molo church with carnival games and distributing food.

God showed us once again a glimpse of heaven.

Gaylyn and The Team