Wesleyan Covenant Association Update

November 10, 2016
By MB Communications Team

wcaWhat is the Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA)? The WCA stands together as an alliance to advance vibrant, scriptural Christianity within Methodism. It is a coalition of congregations, clergy, and laity from all jurisdictions who are committed to promoting ministry that combines a high view of Scripture, Wesleyan vitality, orthodox theology, and Holy Spirit empowerment. The WCA encompasses a broad range of worship styles and ministry practices. What links members of the WCA together is the desire to witness to the transforming power of God to change and redeem human lives and societies. We have come together to support, network, and encourage one another as the future of The United Methodist Church comes into clearer focus.
We as a congregation have joined in the WCA, but individuals can also join the association. For more information, go to the WCA website. If you would like a speaker to come to your Sunday school class for 15-20 minutes for further explanation and to answer any questions, please email Kristen Funderburk.