Update on “The Garden” with Seven Bridges to Recovery

January 29, 2010
By Web Administrator

Just a few weeks ago – through one simple prayer request, by one church member, in one small group – God moved our church to be His hands and feet. Compelled by the Spirit of God, Mt. Bethel moved quickly to help “The Garden,” a womens & childrens homeless shelter that was about to be shut down because of fire code violations. The resources just weren’t there, but that is never a limitation for God.

Pastor Seven, the pastor of “Seven Bridges to Recovery Ministry” and founder of “The Garden,” had been praying for some time that God would provide the resources (financial as well as people) for bringing everything up to code as well as renovating the basement to allow for additional women and children who currently don’t have a place to stay.

It has been amazing to watch so many people give so selflessly of their gifts and resources and to witness the joy that they have experienced by allowing God to work through them. It has also been wonderful for many of them to work alongside the very ones they came to help and to see a picture of the body of Christ (young and old, rich and poor) serve together to assure that these women and children would have a warm place to stay and a hope for the future. Much construction is underway, but we have just begun as we continue to work on needed improvements and, more importantly, deep relationships with the people of Seven Bridges and The Garden.

Here is an update of the construction to date:

Permits were approved, the new roof is complete, which should last twenty years or more (no more leaks), and the sprinkler and fire alarm construction have been started. The basement is being cleaned out and will be renovated and partitioned to house 20+ single moms and their children. Plans are being completed for the chapel renovation. It is amazing what God’s people can do. Through your donations, time, and service, this ministry is opening new doors to serve the least and the lost.

If you would like to lend a hand in any way, please contact Ben Hornsby.