Update on South Carolina Flood Relief Efforts

October 9, 2015
By Communications

IMG_5025Thank you all for your generosity as Mt. Bethel works to provide some relief to the flood victims in South Carolina. Thursday night, a crew of about 10 men loaded over five tons of water and food into two trailers, pick-up trucks, and a 24 foot box truck loaned to us by Cajun Catering. The water is being unloaded at Shandon UMC in Columbia, and the food is being taken to Sumter. The information we are receiving from Columbia is that they continue to have water quality issues and still need drinking water. Some of the clean-up has begun, and UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) has engagedIMG_5087with the folks to help in the relief. Sumter seems to be hit a little harder, but they do have water. Their food pantries are normally served by the food bank in Columbia, so they are somewhat depleted. We are talking with the Atlanta Food Bank to establish a linkage to help them get replenished. Kingstree, near Sumter, is still evacuated, and the Mt. Bethel teams will likely be coming along side a church in Sumter to help in that area.

IMG_5083We are still planning to make another delivery on Saturday morning. Opportunites to sign up and to donate are still available on volunteerspot.com. Financial relief is still a great option. In cases where things are locally available, your donations can help meet those immediate needs and still help the local economy remain active, ensuring businesses stay open and jobs don’t get cut.

 Thank you again for your willingness to help.  Please continue to check the Mt. Bethel web site for updates.

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