Update from Jody | 5-11-21

May 11, 2021
By MB Communications Team

As we navigate together through this difficult season in the life of our church, we are so thankful for your continued support and encouragement. We have shared with you the challenges, particularly the financial challenges, we are facing as a result of the circumstances we have had thrust upon us. In exercising prudent stewardship, our Finance Committee and Staff Parish Relations Committee have worked together to take steps addressing necessary reductions in overall expenses.

These steps have resulted in some changes in our staffing levels. Glenn Ray will be retiring at the end of May, and this position will not be replaced at this time. The Executive Director of NextGen Ministries position was eliminated effective immediately. There are seven positions placed on a 90-day furlough with benefits provided by the church, with the hope this will be temporary. In addition, Jonathan Lawson, Mark Droege, and I have taken a voluntary 25% reduction in compensation.

Understanding the gravity of the circumstances we are in, there have been a number of staff members who have come to us and offered to also take reductions in pay or temporary furloughs. While we have been overwhelmed by the selflessness of this incredible ministry team, these measures are not necessary at this time, and we trust in God’s good grace they will not be.

The steps taken were done so with the intent of not only reaching expense reduction goals but also maintaining the ability for ministry areas to continue to operate. However, these changes will necessitate a greater reliance on you, the church, for these ministry areas to flourish. We have heard from so many of you the question, “What can I do to help?” Please allow me to point you to these three main areas of need:

  • Children and Student Ministry volunteers for Sunday Mornings
  • Welcome/Greeter Teams for Sunday Mornings
  • Help with MUST Ministry Summer Lunch Program 

In addition to these and your financial gifts, we want to invite you to lean into the opportunity for spiritual growth God extends in these moments of life:

  • Prayer on campus, both organized and self-led
  • Participate in a “Why We Believe What we Believe” study, accessed through Seedbed.com

We know God is with us through all of this; we’ve witnessed His miraculous presence. So, we stand firmly on our faith in God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – and we know we do not stand alone. We stand together and with a great cloud of witnesses, united in the knowledge God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.