Twelve Doors

September 22, 2016
By Johnna Bain

staff-workday-september-19-012It only seems appropriate that the Monday after our sermon on Faith That Works, many of us from the Mt. Bethel staff gathered to put our faith into action. We served at the Habitat House that we sponsor along with Mt. Zion UMC. We mostly painted and caulked. We also managed to squeeze in some BBQ for lunch (thanks to the group who provided that! It was delicious!). It was a great time of serving and fellowship with each other as we each completed our projects for the day.

Something I find interesting about a Habitat build is that most of the volunteers aren’t there for the whole process. It isn’t one group that comes in and does all the work from to start and finish. Instead, it is a collection of workers and work days organized in succession and coordinated with a greater plan that brings it to fruition. Isn’t that a great example what we are as a church too?

I’m new to Mt. Bethel staff, but what I’ve noticed quickly is that there are a lot of things going on in this place. It’s amazing to see how all the different ministries work together to provide great worship, discipleship groups, and service opportunities. In many ways, it’s like the Habitat build. Each ministry may have different tasks to do, but they all work together within a greater plan for a greater purpose. Just like every ministry has its role within our church, everyone who walks through our doors also has a job to do. We all have been gifted with certain talents and spheres of influence. When we as a community of believers put those to work to bring God glory, it’s a beautiful thing.


Kristen Rogers touching up the Twelve Doors. More pictures from this day »

Every time we answer a call to ministry, no matter how small, we bring a small piece of the Kingdom to earth. My job on Monday was to help paint 12 doors. I know it was a task that needed to get done, but it didn’t seem like a huge deal. I sort of wished we had done something like worked on the framing or put on the roof. Those are big jobs. You can step back from them and feel accomplished. But putting on the roof wasn’t my job. My job was to paint doors. So I painted doors. While it didn’t seem like a big job, it was my job. For Monday, it was my way to put my faith into action. More importantly it helped bring the Habitat House a tiny bit closer to being complete.

God is calling all of us to put our faith to work. It often feels more like painting doors than putting on a roof. We may not always step back and see a big change. But no matter the task, we are called to do, we can rest assure that our works are not in vain. Acts of obedience, no matter how small, bring God glory.

So what’s in front of you that God’s calling you to do? Is it serving as a Life Group Leader in our Student Ministry? Is it serving with our children on Sunday mornings? Perhaps you need to sign up for our Habitat Road Race coming up on October 8? Only you know the answer, but whatever job God is calling you to do, I hope you’ll be obedient to His voice. God needs workers like you and me to serve in this church and in the community around us.

We all have a job to do; let’s get to work!

Drew Peters, Adult Discipleship Team