To Janis with Love

July 2, 2019
By Susan Preece

I want to be like Janis. She is known for her smile, her positive attitude, her care, and her compassion.  It’s not just me that thinks this way; literally, dozens of families and hundreds of children, maybe thousands, have experienced God’s amazing grace through the heart and hands of Janis.

Janis Caverlee has spent her life mentoring to children and families. She has shared her time, talents, and love for the Lord with others–and she’s really good at it.

Most recently, Janis coordinated our Sunday morning preschool program for many years. Not only did she organize the weekly lesson with supplies and resources for crafts, music, and discovery, she encouraged the teachers, often parents of young children, to lead. Quite often, she kept the volunteers who made Sunday mornings with preschoolers part of their spiritual walk for many years.

We recently collected pictures, memories, and stories to honor Janis for her many years of service to children and families at Mt. Bethel. Here is a just a small sample of the amazing tributes:

“We owe so much of the good teachings of God and serving with a happy heart in the church to Janis’ hard work and boundless love for others.”

“Your kindness and effervescent personality have always been a joy to our family.”

“Janis Caverlee is without a doubt one of the  sweetest–if not THE sweetest–and nicest people I have every encountered.”

“I can hear her voice right now saying, “Of course you can do it.  Don’t worry, you’ll be great!”

“Your enthusiasm, kindness and appreciation did not go unnoticed.”

“Their faith is stronger because Janis was there.”

“You have my deepest gratitude for all you have brought to my family and this church.”

“You are truly one of God’s angels.”

“There is tremendous power in connecting a young child to God.”

“Everyone who meets Janis remembers her infectious smile and zeal for life.”

“You have left a lasting impression on me of how to love and how to make volunteering fun.”

As we continue the work to lead children and families to Christ and as we look at open holes in our grid of volunteers for next year, I am reminded to think like Janis and to remember how she approached “filling holes” from a perspective of God’s grace reaching out to share His love with busy parents, faithful church goers, young adults, and any one in need.

“…He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people.” – Hebrews 6:10