What Are Thursday Care Nights?

December 19, 2017
By Rev. Glenn Ray, Associate Minister

The Care Ministry of Mt. Bethel UMC is the shepherding arm of our local church. We are concerned about the well being of our congregation at Mt. Bethel and the community in which we live and do ministry. Our calling for ministry is very simple and biblical: we are compelled to love like Christ to express his love, healing (emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical), and comfort to all who are under our care so that they will be transformed for the glory of God. This is truly the work of the church and follows the example of our Lord. He is the Good Shepherd who has charged us with the responsibility and privilege of caring for His sheep (people). To do this, we are developing and growing disciples by supporting people as they remove the false gods in their lives with the one true God. In doing so, people begin to live the abundant life God promises and build a healthy life that glorifies God and gives testimony to the healing power of God through a transformed life.

 This, to me, is one of the most wonderful responsibilities He has given us. Being involved in the lives of His people is a tremendous calling. We are constantly working to meet the needs of our community, and one of the most exciting programs that we have to this point is our Thursday Care Night. This Care Night is the vehicle through which we will offer support groups that meet the needs of our congregation and community. The schedule for each evening will begin with a light dinner at 5:30pm, worship at 6:15pm, and Support Groups will meet from 7:00 to 8:30pm. Child care will be available for all of the Thursday evening activities.

 On January 11, 2018, we will kick off our Care Nights at Mt. Bethel with an inspiring worship service. We have two young men who will be with us to help us celebrate the beginning of this new ministry: Dave Clo and Bobby Colquhoun. Dave will be leading our worship; he has played guitar for a lot of Christian bands that you are probably familiar with (Chris Rice, Tate, Mark Scholtz, and many others). Bobby Colquhoun will be our speaker for the evening. Bobby’s past includes a career in rock and roll and a downward spiral that landed him in prison on drug-related charges. He hit rock bottom and came to a point where he had the choice to live or to die. As you will see and hear, he made the right choice, and he will be giving the testimony of what God did in his life. You will be blessed to hear both of these guys as they share their faith in Jesus Christ.

On January 18, 2018, we will begin our regular Thursday Night Care schedule. We will offer 11 support groups to meet the needs we have identified in our community: GriefShare; Divorce Care; Hope When It Hurts; Family Caregiving — Care and Support for Caregivers; Praying with Accuracy; Marriage, Rising Strong; Dealing with Attempted Suicide; You Are Not Alone — Hope for Hurting Parents; Post Abortion Treatment and Healing; Powerful Tools and Support for Caregivers; and a Support Group For Men. You can find these groups listed on our web site at mtbethel.org/care along with times, leaders, and a description of their purpose.

God is moving in our church and in our community, and we at Mt. Bethel want to be part of that movement. With the leadership of God’s Holy Spirit, we are doing our part to prepare a way to enable the lives of individuals to catch a glimpse of living victoriously and abundantly in faith grounded in the living, loving Lord Jesus Christ. The New Year offers some exciting happenings. May God bless us as we work for His Kingdom.

— Rev. Glenn Ray, Associate Minister