Surrounded by God’s Glory in Haiti

June 27, 2013
By Ryan Akin, Summer Intern

Ryan Akin HaitiMany have asked me since our return the simple question of  “How was Haiti?” Now most people when asking that question are simply looking for a short and to the point answer such as “good!” or “great!” or even just “really hot,” but honestly none of those answers even come close to describing this trip. Haiti was so many things wrapped up into one trip that I almost find myself stumped when I’m asked that simple question.

To be short, Haiti was at different times joyous, frustrating, surprising, sleep depriving, confusing, and rewarding all at once. My fellow College and Young Adult intern Kevin Walker has taken to saying it was “rewarding in the most unexpected of ways.” Which is truly one of the best ways I’ve heard it put. Seeing as how we were the first team to travel there, most of us had no idea what to expect or any expectations whatsoever. Yet, we still found ways to put our thought process onto what we wanted God to do with us in that country. As I’ve discovered, I don’t think God is too big a fan of us trying to tell Him how things should be done and most of the time, if we can just step back and be quiet, we’ll discover much richer rewards than we could imagine. 1015358_2138250012066_1088987524_oSo many times we tried to imprint our plan into the agenda that God had already set before us, and no matter how many times we went kicking and screaming, He always found a way to drag us to where He wanted. Our team was incredible and bonded together no matter the circumstances throughout the trip, and I think it’s fair to say we all left with a greater idea of how God uses us. We discovered that God absolutely knows what He’s doing, and His plan has never failed. For me, at the very least, this showed that our Lord deserves our absolute trust despite any reservations or feelings we may have at any given time. Haiti had everything from 100 degree heat to bugs that never seemed to stop biting but also brought the joys of kids who had nothing but never seemed to stop smiling into our lives. It gave us relationships with true men of God, such as our new and dear friend Pastor Jackie and our translator for the week Kinsley, whom we will forever cherish. All in all, God is clearly and evidently moving in Haiti in ways that we had never seen before and that is something to surely be excited about. This was a trip in where God surrounded us and continually showed off His glory and that, I know for a fact, neither my teammates or I will ever be able to forget.

Ryan Akin