Sunday School for Adults

9:30am Classes


Located in: B109

Age range: 50-80; Average Attendance: 35-40

The Agape Class is a delightful blend of couples and singles, ranging from middle-aged to seniors. Our members participate in lively discussions led by class members who prepare and facilitate weekly lessons from the Word Action Adult Bible Study. We study God’s Word together, pray together for our class prayer concerns, and have fun class socials. We joyfully serve MUST Ministries, Cobb Street Ministries, Project Mail Call, and Aloha to Aging. We cordially invite you to join us, where you will discover the warmth of the unconditional, Agape love Jesus wanted his children to share.

God Bless!

Contact: Peter Hanf

Arthur Wilson

Located in: B115

Age range: 70+; Average Attendance: 8-10

Older adults enjoy weekly lessons and discussion on the Word Action Adult Bible Study series. Five excellent teachers teach one Sunday per month. If you’re looking for a strong Christian support system, this is the class for you!

Contact: Ginny Beck – 770.971.2741.


Located in: B118

Contemporary ClassAge range: 60+; Average Attendance: 35-40

The Contemporary Class is comprised of active seniors united in Christ. Members share life experiences, teach from the Bible or lessons based on the Adult Bible Study series, and have wonderful guest speakers. We enjoy being together at dinners, game nights, movie nights, golf outings, and just being there for each other in good times and not so good times. We support, with money and time, so many missions of the church and community that there isn’t room to name them all. Please join us Sunday morning and become a part of this close fellowship. We need you!

Contact: Wayne Stolz

Couples in Christ

Located in: F325

Age Range: 40s; Average Attendance: 15-20DiscipleLife

Large, energetic group of Christian couples dedicated to growing our marriages and families in Christ through class discussions on Bible studies and contemporary topics. Our class participates in many mission projects throughout the year and enjoys fellowship at numerous planned social events.

Contact: John Pruitt – 404.867.2262.


Located in: F319

Age Range: 30-60;  Average Attendance: 15-20

The Discovery class is made up of married couples with kids from middle school through college. We enjoy study and discussion on all topics such as the Bible, marriage, parenting, Christianity today, and religions around the world. We support Back Pack Blessing, Fair Oaks Elementary School, Orphanage Emmanuel, and MUST ministries. Our class hosts various social activities (couples only and families) all year long. We are striving to form life-long Christian friends and grow stronger in our Christian walk along the way. We are still learning and growing and welcome visitors on any Sunday.  

Contact: Amy Clements – 404.368.3870.

Faith Builders

Located in: B106

Age range: 55+; Average Attendance: 10-12Faith Builders Project Mail call0001

Faith Builders provides Christian-based studies in a small group environment with lots of discussion. Class is a time of Bible study, learning and fellowship. We share our concerns and celebrations each week and provide strong support for each other. Frequent service and social functions foster friendships while giving back to others in need.

Contact: Marilyn Verhey – 678.560.4589.


Faithful Friends

Located in: F311

Single Adults; Age Range: 35+

We are a friendly, caring group of divorced adults, single parents, and widowers ages 35+. Through Bible study, book studies, service projects, and social events, we support one another as we grow closer to God.

Contact: Sid Lane – 404.272.5815.


Located in: F104 (Media Center)

FaithmatesAge range: 30-45; Average Attendance: 25

We are a fun group of married couples with growing families who follow Christ together and encourage one another through prayer and relationships. Members of our class have been married between 5 and 20 years (average of 11 years), many with children (average age of 5) and growing families. Most weeks we take turns facilitating discussion from scripture-based studies that allow people to share with one another, as well as serve and grow closer to Jesus. We have an active social calendar and enjoy mission projects such as volunteering at MUST Ministries. Join our Facebook group!

Contact: Erin Essary


Located in: F005

Age Range: 55-75; Average Attendance: 20-25

Lively lecture and discussion of the Bible as it relates to current events and daily lives. The class enjoys activities which serve the community through serving dinner at MUST and packing for Project Mail Call.  Our relationships are strengthened throughout the year with fellowships like our fall get together and Christmas brunch.

Contact: Kirk Morton – 770.992.1659.

Good News for Saints and Sinners

Located in: B112

Age range: 55+; Average Attendance: 18-20

Our group reads, teaches, and discusses challenging books regarding religion, the Bible, and critical issues throughout the world. Our smaller class size allows for open discussion and great exchange of enlightenments.  

Contact: Bill Urban – 404.451.9311.


Located in: F301

Age range: 30-45; Average Attendance: 15-25Harvest Class

This class began with the vision of fulfilling Luke 10:2, “He told them, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’” This class consists of young families with children from birth through elementary school. Their focus is studying Scripture, fellowship, and service.

Contact: Ellen Cooper

Hearts and Hands

Located in: Academy Conference Room (Building F)

All ages; Newly formed class for the Deaf, Hard-of-hearing, DeafBlind

We are very small and are looking to increase the size of our class. We support each other, pray together, and do weekly Bible study. We take turns leading the discussion from class-selected material designed for spiritual growth. We use sign language, speech, visual aids, and various equipment to communicate clearly with each other. We enthusiastically welcome new members.

Our class was inspired to choose one verse to guide us: “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:19 NIV

Contact: Anne McQuade


Located in: F321

Age range: 45-65; Average Attendance: 15-20Journey Sunday School

We are married couples with children ranging from elementary school to college age. We are a self-led class and focus on a variety of topics including Bible study, Christian living, and current issues. We participate in a variety of service projects, including operation of the Angel Tree project.  

Contacts: Jeff Linde – 770.956.1361

Love and Marriage

Located in: F323

Age range: 20-35

Some of us are newlyweds; some of us have been married a few years.  Regardless of that, we are a group of married couples who want to grow in our relationship to Jesus as we grow in our relationship with each other.  Our class focuses on our faith, our marriage, service to others, and of course, fun together!

Contact: Courtney Griffith

Open Circle

Located in: B111

Age Range: 50-70; Average Attendance: 15-20

What do stories from the Bible really tell us? How does the culture of Jesus’ time enlighten our study of Scripture? What is Faith? What is Grace, and why is it important? How do the teachings of Jesus lead us today? Do you have all the answers? No, we don’t! We study the Bible, along with current Christian writings, searching for answers in writings and from discussion with each other. Bringing the experiences of life and previous studies leads to caring discussion and helps us live what we learn.

Come and be part of our discussions. We are a supportive group of caring questioners and active participants with diverse backgrounds. We are primarily made up of Baby Boomers, couples, singles, parents, grandparents, and Empty Nesters, but all age groups are welcome to share your studies, thoughts, questions, opinions, and experiences.

Contact: John May – 770.998.9098.


Located in: F324

Age range: 50-70; Average Attendance: 15-20

A class made up largely of couples in their 50’s to 70’s, we focus weekly on Bible study – particularly applications of scripture to everyday life. Lessons generally draw from both the Old and New Testaments and encourage feedback from an engaging and often witty class. One of MBUMC’s oldest and largest adult classes, we sit in a circle and openly trade thoughts on how to improve our walk with Christ, for ourselves, our families, our church, and our community. We study, laugh, and cry together through the ups and downs of life.

Contact: Bryan Hughes

Ray Joseph Fellowship

Located in: F326

Age Range: 50+; Average Attendance: 15-20

The Ray Joseph Fellowship class of age 60+ adults is committed to studying the Bible. We are using the Standard Lesson Quarterly as a guide to lively discussions of Scripture. We support missions, both locally and abroad, and participate in many mission projects with our service and gifts as we grow in our faith. We welcome newcomers into our fellowship, and promise love, laughter, prayer, and support for one another. 

Contact: Mark Lange – 770.973.0889.


Located in: F309

Age range: 45 – 60; Average Attendance: 10 – 12

A class focused on building a strong faith through lively discussion of diverse scripture-based literature, often sharing family and community issues. Community service, missions, and frequent social events create a strongly bonded group.   

Contact: Scott Harward or Chris Sweitzer

Single Spirit

Located in: F315

_MG_6383Age range: 50-70

This group is for active single adults, aged 50s to 70s, who enjoy fellowship, have a good sense of humor, and want to grow stronger in their faith walk. We will be sharing biblical ways to live out our lives, as well as a broad array of topics of interest to the class. Our mission and purpose is to integrate discipleship into our daily lives and put our faith into action by service to the needs of the community. We have a variety of social events which allow us the opportunity to get to know each other and laugh together. Check out our Facebook Page »

Contacts: Susan McCauley – 678.654.0864 or Ginny Mateer – 770.823.3239.

Thompson Fellowship

Located in: A23

Age range: 60+; Average Attendance: 50-60

A large, mission-active class with teacher-led presentations and discussions on a wide variety of interesting scripture-related topics.  As we grow together through study, service and love, we help each other learn the mind of Christ so we can be the heart of Christ. 

Contact: Larry Armstrong – 678.457.7524.

Tom Day Open Door

Located in: B116

Age Range: 65+; Average Attendance: 30-35

This is a diverse class of caring singles and married couples often taught by class member Chuck Larsen, but also by various other class member volunteers from time to time. Lesson topics are varied and lively with primary focus on scripture as it applies to our lives and today’s world. The relaxed atmosphere of the class makes it a friendly, fun, and informative place to spend Sunday morning.

Contact: Kathy Hoppe – 770.953.3722.