Faithful Giving

Incline your whole heart toward Jesus and support the work of His church through regular giving.
Hearts for Jesus

God’s heart is inclined toward the people He created—that’s you and me and the people surrounding Mt. Bethel Church. God designed us, and we are meant to have hearts fully devoted to Him. When we do, we can fully thrive in this life.

Our 2024 Ministry Priorities

At Mt. Bethel Church, it is our mission to lead people to trade the pursuit of more for a life worth pursuing in Jesus Christ. As you pray about what you will commit to God’s kingdom through His church in 2024, please consider Mt. Bethel’s core ministry strategic priorities.

Make Your Pledge

Your generosity directly supports the life and ministry of Mt. Bethel Church, making its outreach for Jesus possible. Thank you for your regular gifts, which God will multiply for His glory.