Staying Focused on Our Greater Purpose

April 24, 2018
By Sheena Sheffield

We are in a time of growth right now as a church. As we prepare for God to work through us in our community in a big way, I want to share with you some of what will be guiding us. Last year, we developed what we call our Vision of Greater:

“Mt Bethel is compelled to love like Christ so that our lives, our city, and the world will be transformed for the glory of God.”

This is not only a clear statement of our purpose but a compass we can use to help us stay on course and focused on the higher purpose we are called to as a church. As a staff, we use this Vision of Greater like a checklist to ensure that every single thing we do, every event we host, and every decision we make works toward our goal of transforming our city and the world for the Glory of God.  


Gather. Grow. Go.
You’ve probably started to see some things around the church that say GATHER. GO. GROW. We believe that as Christians, we are called to GATHER with other believers and GROW in our faith, so that we are equipped ultimately to GO out into our community to share the love of Christ. These three words will help us to stay focused as we move forward with our mission to transform our city and the world for the glory of God.  

Mt. Bethel in the Community
We as a church are committed to extending our reach in the community. Now, when we think of outreach, we tend to think of events and organized serving opportunities. But we want to call on our members to seek out informal, daily opportunities to love like Christ.  

A community is a group of people you share space with–and these days, that space is increasingly virtual. The internet is shaping how we meet, gather, and communicate with people. Family members and friends who live across the country or around the world are now right in front of us on social media communities like Facebook and Instagram.

Did you know that Mt. Bethel has a Facebook page? We’re also on Twitter and Instagram. We are building and engaging with an entire community online, and if you’re there too, then we would love for you to join us. Engage with our posts, and use them to share God’s love with your social media community. You could invite your friends to a Mt. Bethel event, tag someone in a blog post that might encourage them, or share our sermon videos with your followers. If our goal is to transform our city and the world for the glory of God, then we can’t forget our community of friends and followers on social media.

In the coming weeks and months, you will hear us ask, “who is your one?” What we mean is, who that one person in your life who desperately needs to know Jesus? Who is that one neighbor you’re going to invite to church with you? Who is that one person in your life that God is putting on your heart to pick up the phone and call? Who is that friend on Facebook who needs to hear last week’s sermon? If every single person from Mt. Bethel focused on sharing the love of Christ with just one person in the community, then we would be that much closer to transforming our city and the world for the glory of God.

I pray as we begin to grow as a body of believers and embark on our mission to transform our city and the world for the glory of God, our Vision of Greater will help each and every person at Mt. Bethel to stay focused on the greater purpose we are all called to as Christians: to share the love of Jesus Christ with others.