Christian Dating During COVID-19

April 6, 2020
By Laura Shepherd

Life looks different, there’s no doubt about it. I entered a new relationship prior to the COVID-19 epidemic so navigating this chapter has looked VERY different than anything I’ve experienced in the past. Ironically enough, we met on a dating app, so we’re not unfamiliar with using digital platforms to our advantage but this situation has definitely pushed us to get creative.

For anyone else out there who may also be navigating this new territory, here is a list of a few fun activities to do if you ever find yourself dating during social distancing.

1. Church Online

    • One of the toughest things about entering a new relationship in the midst of a quarantine is not being able to introduce that person to all the other important people or priorities in your life. At this point in our relationship, going to church together would be a priority for both of us, but since we can’t actually attend, we’ve enjoyed Sunday morning dates with breakfast, coffee, and church online.

2. Cooking (& reviewing fire safety)

    • Now this one probably seems obvious, but for two adults in their early twenties, it is truly a fairly new experience for us both. Not naming names, but one of us might have gotten a little ambitious and started a minor kitchen fire (me, it was me.) We were both reminded that smothering an oil fire is the best method for extinguishing it. While take-out is still an option (thank goodness), cooking has been a great go-to for a date night.

3. Netflix

    • Again, probably an obvious one, but there’s a key formula here. It’s important to find the right balance of sitcom to docu-series binge-watching. For example, for everyone one episode of Tiger King we watch, we balance it with two to three episodes of New Girl.

4. Zoom call with friends

    • Meeting friends is another relationship milestone we’ve had to postpone. Snapchat, Zoom, Facetime, and Instagram has helped to at least feel like we are not completely isolated.

5. Laundry

    • While not as much of an exciting, in-your-face rush as the OxiClean commercials make it feel, it does technically qualify as an activity. Also, you never really know someone until you try and fold a fitted sheet with him or her. Seriously though, can anyone really fold those well??

6. Outdoor Adventures

    • This has probably been our absolute favorite activity. We’re definitely not alone in this given the amount of other people I’ve noticed also taking advantage of these beautiful weekends.

7. Board games with your roommate and their significant other

    • I’m going to keep blaming my competitive side on my lack of social interaction. Hopefully, he will still find it charming when there’s not an excuse anymore…

8. Become Exterminators

    • As you can imagine, exterminators and my apartment management didn’t rush right over to solve my recent bug problem, so we took it upon ourselves to fix the problem! After a few Google searches and YouTube videos, we were certified enough to head to Walmart and equip this extermination. If the bugs are in fact drain flies, then we’re on the right track.

9. Carpool Karaoke

    • Although drives have become fewer and farther between as shelter-in-place mandates have taken effect, it’s fun to enjoy a good sing-along even if it is just to go get essentials from the grocery store.

This is new territory for everyone; it is important to both of us that we always find the positive in the midst of the chaos. Getting to know each other’s friends and family, or going OUT on dates can be fun; however, it can also be distracting. It is important to us that we do our part to stay safe and keep others we love safe. Second to that, this time has helped us to get to know one another on a more personal level, which is a more important aspect of a new relationship that is so often overlooked. This means quality time and quality conversations. We’ve had deeper conversations about faith, shared our testimonies, and future plans. It is my belief that God has given us this time to utilize for just that. While it hasn’t been easy, I am thankful we have found the silver lining, and even more thankful God has blessed us with a new relationship.

*Please note: Some of the activities done in past weeks may not be in accordance with new policies recently put into effect.