The Special Significance of Chrismons

November 20, 2017
By Susan Ziegler, Worship Chairman

We will soon begin to celebrate the Christmas Holiday and bring back traditions that have become a part of our preparation for the birth of the Christ Child. This includes the Chrismons that adorn the trees in our church.

In 1957, a Lutheran Church in Danville, Virginia, decorated their Christmas tree with symbols of the Christian faith. These symbols were called Chrismons, a name which is made up up of the parts of two words – Chris, meaning Christ, and Mon, meaning monogram. Chrismons, then, are monograms of Christ. They represent the various characteristics of Christ’s life and ministry.

Chrismons are white and gold in color. White symbolizes the purity and perfection of God, while gold signifies God’s majesty and glory. The Lamb is often used to symbolize Christ and His sacrifice. The Cross and Crown symbolizes the reward of eternal life after death for those who believe in the crucified Savior. The Butterfly symbolizes the resurrection and eternal life, and the Dove denotes peace, forgiveness, and anticipation of new life. The Star of David is two interwoven triangles for the 6-pointed star, traditionally linked with the shape of David’s shield. The Star is sometimes called “The Creator’s Star,” and its six points recall the six days of creation. The Fish is a secret sign used by early Christians to designate themselves as believers in Jesus. The Holy Trinity, or the Triquetra as it is sometimes called, has three equal arcs expressing eternity in their continuous form, indivisibility in their interweaving, and their center is a triangle, an ancient Trinity symbol.

Much of the history of a family can be told by the ornaments it places on the Christmas tree. Our Mt.Bethel Family is no different. Our Chrismons have been lovingly handmade and maintained by our members through the years.

As you attend services this Christmas season, look for Chrismons on the trees all over the church and enjoy knowing that this is a tradition with very special significance.

Susan Ziegler
Worship Chairman