Son Flowers

June 22, 2021
By Cathy Franks

In 2011, my husband, Steve, and I went to Romania at the urging and invitation of another Mt. Bethel member. We arrived, met the girls, and began to take in the beauty of the surroundings. The vast fields of sunflowers, which are flowers always seeking the sun, reminded us of how the girls we were about to interact with had to overcome some very sad, abusive conditions, and look to Jesus (the Son) for healing and light. Those first few hours at Deborah House showed us that love and joy were abundant there. The girls are surrounded by love and hope every hour of every day.

Deborah House is a beautiful combination of the love of Jesus Christ and the girls who need that love. On our trip, we met one quiet and very thoughtful 16-year-old girl with a sweet little smile who was starting to think about what her future might be. At the barbecue given for the girls, staff, and team at the end of each team visit, she told us she wanted to be a doctor and go to Paris (she had taken French in school). You could see she had dreams she may not have had without the help of Deborah House.

The girls don’t just go to a class and leave for the day; they live there. They live with Christian house parents and are counseled by Christian social workers and a Christian psychologist. They are surrounded by Christians to help them absorb the love that comes through discipline, through care, through food, and through experiences that let them know just how much Christ loves them. Having the opportunity to visit Deborah House is one of the greatest joys of my life, and one I won’t easily forget. Every little thing that is done for the girls there—from home repairs to simply spending time with them showing God’s love for them—is so needed and so appreciated.

Two years ago, we were able to go back to Deborah House. The girl with the dreams of becoming a doctor was no longer there because she had gone on to medical school and was becoming a doctor and was practicing as a resident in a hospital in western Romania! Even though we had no expectations of seeing her due to her schedule, she came to Deborah House on our last day and walked toward us. When I first saw her, I almost didn’t recognize her, but as soon as I saw that smile, I knew who she was and there were hugs all around! We embraced and experienced the joy only Christ and His love could bring to this young girl. I spoke to her last week on What’s App, and because of her strong relationship with Jesus, God gave her an opportunity to share the Gospel with an elderly patient whose daughter is a Christian, and he was receptive. Hallelujah; there is joy in heaven for this gentleman and family!

How can you help support this impactful mission? One way is to donate. Through the Mt. Bethel website, click on “Give Now” and choose Deborah House – Romania.  We would love to have more of you involved and once the COVID-19 restrictions have passed, it would be wonderful to have fresh eyes and fresh hearts to experience the love that comes through Christ to these beautiful girls in Romania.