Love, Fun, and a Break in the Routine: Serving in West Virginia

September 1, 2015
By MB Communications Team

A team from Mt. Bethel went to West Virginia last weekend to serve with mission partner Hands of Hope. Here are the team’s reports. You can also follow their journey in pictures, thanks to Don Taylor.

DSC00608Thursday, August 27

The team gathered at 5:15am in the Mt. Bethel parking lot to load supplies and luggage. We then had a communion service lead by Rev. Steven Brumbeloe. After prayer and communion, we were off. First stop: McDonald’s for a “grab and go” breakfast. A large coffee and Egg McMuffin if you please! On the ride up to Welch West Virginia, the ladies worked on crafts to be used for the “Ladies Night Out” on Friday. We stopped at a Rocky Top Market gas station for gas and more coffee. Then lunch at Cracker Barrel in Bristol, Tenn. Larry Armstrong, our fearless leader, checked the oil in the van, we enjoyed food, fellowship and a little Cracker Barrel shopping and then we are off for the “Hope Chest” in Welch, West Virginia. At the “Hope Chest” we unloaded the “Hands of Hope” trailer loaded to the max with donations from East Cobb for the “Hope Chest.” The rest of the evening was spent preparing for tomorrow’s events.

Friday, August 28

Day two of the West Virginia mission trip started with a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, buttered toastDSC00708 with jelly, and prayer. We were then off to the “Hope Chest” which is below our apartments to assemble cardboard boxes, fill them with food, and sealed and labeled them. These food boxes contain about $20 worth of staples, which the “Hope Chest” sells for $5. The ladies of our group also helped sort clothes for the “Hope Chest.” The clothes are sold to all comers at greatly reduced prices. A tie will cost about 25 cents and a shirt about $1.00-$1.75. Monies raised from sales at the “Hope Chest” pay the operating costs of the facility as well as staff salaries (providing several jobs for local residents). While all this has been going on, we have been cooking lasagna for tonight’s “Ladies Night Out.”

If it looks like we are having a good time, it is because we are! Fellowship, food, devotions, prayer, serving the Lord; it doesn’t get any better.

DSC00886Saturday, August 29

Mt. Bethel’s West Virginia mission team hosted a fun evening of food, crafting, and fellowship at Trinity Temple in Welch, WV last night! Forty women and a few children, a gathering with ages ranging from five to 80 years, enjoyed a lasagna dinner, live entertainment, and made festive fall wreaths together at Trinity’s monthly Ladies’ Night Out event. Larry Armstrong and Pastor Dan of Trinity performed “West Virginia Woman,” an original song written by Don Taylor. Don also spoke about the signs of drug addiction in teenagers and how to break the devastating cycle of drug abuse in the area. After the wreath making activity, all of the ladies received gifts bags that included health and beauty items as well as a special gift of jewelry. A great time was had by all. The women of Welch West Virginia appreciated the agape love, fun activities, and break from their usual life.

August 2015 Trip Wrap Up

 Mt. Bethel’s West Virginia mission team had a full day on Saturday, August 29, serving the Welch community. The team started the day assembling 200 brown bag lunches at Trinity Temple as well as 50 snack bags for children. Guided by Trinity and Hands of Hope Ministries, the lunches were distributed door to door to hungry families throughout the community and were given out at an event at Elkhorn Towers housing complex led by Trinity in downtown Welch.  The event featured  inspiring messages and gospel music by Trinity’s Pastor Dan, and information about the dangers of substance abuse by Dr. Don Taylor.  The mission team offered taking and printing family photos onsite, and provided decorative picture frames to display their photos.  Later in the afternoon, the team went to a safe house for woman and children where donated school supplies were offered to residents, both women and children, attending school.  The team concluded the trip on Sunday with an impactful service at Trinity about God loving us so much, that he’s in constant pursuit of us.  Stay tuned for Mt. Bethel’s next trip to West Virginia in November, when the team will serve the Welch community with blessings of Thanksgiving meals.  Consider serving and “prepare to be blessed!”