SafeHouse Christmas

January 9, 2013
By Taylor Pair

Safehouse ChristmasOnce again God proved Himself before our eyes. This time it happened through the giving of donations, the hanging of Christmas lights, the cooking of hamburgers and hotdogs and the music from the band. Christmas at SafeHouse was more than a successful night; it was a night that was full of joy and most of all Jesus! College and Young Adult Ministry may have hosted the party, but Mt. Bethel and all the people who made donations made the night possible.
We started weeks in advance collecting hats, gloves, socks, mini flashlights, and hand warmers to put in backpacks for individuals who attended the night. We received over 200 of each item to be handed out

Safehouse ChristmasAlso, we knew we wanted to do something a little different than usual, and cooking out on the grill was what came to mind. Not only would we be able to prepare a meal, but also we would be able to cook it and serve it all at SafeHouse. Having live music was something we thought would help make the night as well. Teacup and the Monster, a band out of Auburn, Alabama, would be the band to spend the evening with us singing Christmas carols and some of their original work. The night was all planned out, and we were excited.

Once we arrived to SafeHouse in downtown Atlanta, we began to change the atmosphere by making it Christmas themed. Everyone began to work together to hang lights and to put up a Christmas tree. Joy was already in the air as we were having an incredible time with each other preparing for the night to begin. At 6:30 we started the evening. The grill was fired up cooking the hamburgers and hotdogs, the band was playing, and the chairs began to fill up. We spent the next 45 minutes sharing music and conversation with one another, and then we began to serve the meal. The meal consisted of  hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, sodas, peppermints and chocolates. Everyone seemed to enjoy his or her meal very much. DSC_0681After serving the meal, we handed out all of the donations we had received over the previous weeks. It was such an incredible blessing to hand these items out. Not for a pat on the back or anything for personal gain, but this allowed us to share the love of Christ. That was our goal of the night – to reach the needs of others by sharing the love of God. It was truly an amazing experience to be a part of.

We are grateful for all who participated by either serving or by donating. It made an incredible impact for the Kingdom and that is something we as believers are called to be a part of.

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