Safehouse Christmas is Blowing Up in a Grand Way!

December 19, 2013
By Johnna Bain

We have over 50 volunteers going downtown Friday night. A couple of families are bringing their children and a set of grandparents. College students are coming in droves and will lead worship and caroling. We have two full busses rolling at 5pm from Mt. Bethel.

We will serve them a meal of pizza, oranges, water and dessert. The dessert of 200 bags of goodies have been donated by our friends at Cobb Street Ministries!

Five of our gifted college students will lead worship and caroling, and we’ll share the gospel through the Christmas story of Luke 2.

The donations of chapstick, rain ponchos, and socks has unified a community. I have never witnessed a group so dedicated to track down, conqueror, and accumulate 200 rain ponchos. WOW, social media is blowing up with victories over finding rain ponchos! Store managers in our area are helping locate more. Amazon Prime is being used by some for a two-day ship for the rain ponchos. I promise you the heavens are laughing watching this treasure hunt unify our community to help those in need over rain ponchos!

Gaylyn Kelly, Director of College & Young Adults

PS – If you see any ponchos while you are out and about, please grab them, and drop them off to us. We promise to do our best to get your gift to a precious person who may need to face a bit of rain this winter.