Reach Beyond Yourself

August 15, 2018
By Susan Ziegler, Worship Chairman

My husband and I recently watched the replay of the 2018 Rose Bowl football game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Oklahoma Sooners. The winner went on to the National Championship game. Of course, the results of the Championship are history, but there was something that happened in the Rose Bowl game that just caught my eye and resonated with me and our relationship with God.

The score was tied at the end of the game, so it went to overtime. During the second overtime, Oklahoma had the ball first, and on the 4th down was kicking the ball for a field goal. When the kicker kicked the ball, Number Seven from the Bulldogs jumped higher than I had ever seen a defensive player jump, and with his mighty hand, he blocked the ball from going through the upright. Needless to say, the Georgia fans were ecstatic!! Georgia then got the ball, scored, and went on to the National Championship game. When they replayed the ball being blocked, I was astounded by how high Number Seven had jumped. As I watched the replay, which was shown quite a few times, I could not help but strongly admire the passion that he must have felt that allowed him to jump so high. He truly reached beyond his limits.

As we begin another school year and with fall quickly approaching, we are all beginning to establish and change our schedules from summer planning. All of the opportunities to become involved in various Mt. Bethel activities are being published and advertised online and in our weekly bulletins. There are tons of activities for our children of all ages, from Sunday School classes and Kid City to Life Groups and various Bible studies. In addition, there are numerous Mission trips, both local and abroad, that enable us all to be involved with extending our hands in Christian fellowship to others. All of these activities and many, many more need the hands and feet of our members to help with their successful execution.

You may be wondering what the upcoming Mt. Bethel activities have to do with the Georgia player from the Rose Bowl. Well, just as Number Seven reached so high to make such a dramatic difference in the outcome of the Rose Bowl game and help to take the Georgia Bulldogs to the National Championship Game, so do we need to reach beyond our time constraints and our activity schedules to become a part of the Mt. Bethel volunteer program. With the number of wonderful opportunities that are currently going and being planned, we will need folks who have the passion and the love for Christ to help make all of our programs a success and beneficial to all who participate, whether that be a small child or older adults.

So be like Georgia Number Seven and extend yourself a bit this year. You, too, will be rewarded with not necessarily a trophy but with the ultimate satisfaction that you will be helping others grow in God’s love because of your efforts!