Puerto Rico: 7th/8th Graders and Parents

April 3, 2014
By Communications

1932591_789369857749298_643774853_oThe Puerto Rico team consists of student-parent pairs, serving and learning together. Here are some updates from team historian Johnna Bain. She has posted many great pictures here.


God is moving in mighty ways through our students and parents here in Puerto Rico! We are falling in love with the kids and people of this church and city. Check out the updates on our trip journal webpage! Pictures included! View the updates below: http://www.prayingpelicanmissions.org/journals?tripid=3017


The Puerto Rico Team (7th/8th grade students and parents) have completed two days at a local Methodist church and Christian school. Each day, designated groups have planned a fun day for over 100 students for most of their school day, while providing necessary maintenance and improvements to the school and church buildings and grounds. The energy and smiles abound with God’s grace and glory!img_7155


Today’s VBS lead team began the day with music, led by Lauren Kelly and Mary Louise Bain, followed by a skit with several of the school children participating. Then the school children surprised everyone with music of their own! It was completely amazing and beautiful! After chapel, everyone headed out for games and crafts. A new game involving balloons was introduced, and it was quite the hit! After VBS, the mission team broke out into task groups and worked on numerous jobs, including landscaping, painting, electrical projects, and creating a hopscotch court. To honor the mission team, the Pastor cooked hamburgers and hotdogs and served them up with homemade shakes! The evening concluded with members coming by to fellowship with the team while the church’s music volunteers performed in the background. Truly a remarkable and memorable day!


Today was the Puerto Rico Team’s last day at Escuela Metodista Julia Torres. img_7640The children’s expectation in seeing the team this morning had escalated, and the energy was not to be contained. One of the highlights of chapel was a solo by Mt. Bethel’s Kelly Tarter-Rowley (mom to Devin), which was followed by an engaging enactment of David and Goliath. After chapel, everyone enjoyed a beautiful morning of playing chase, giving piggy-back rides, throwing balls, jump roping, or just hanging out; but today had another element. Play time had become more than games and crafts; for these children, it had become a time of seeking out the person who taught them how to throw a football or the person who carried them on their back, or the person who just held them tightly letting them know that they are loved – even by a complete stranger. Today was different because of the time that was spent in the prior three days in building relationships. Today, the Mt. Bethel mission team leaves knowing that God can use just three days to do an amazing work in the hearts of His people.