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Praying Over Every Name

March 9, 2017
By Susan Preece, Children's Ministry

This week in Children’s Ministry, we are preparing to send 100 children and chaperones to SCREAM Retreat (Students Celebrating and Rejoicing Enthusiastically with the Almighty Messiah) at Sharp Top Cove in Jasper, Georgia, March 17-19.

As I work through the administrative tasks involved in preparing for SCREAM, I mentally speak out each child’s name. I envision putting them in God’s hands for this retreat, asking for God to prepare that child’s heart, mind, body, and soul for this special weekend. I pray for their health and well-being. I pray for their peace and excitement about this encounter and that all worries and fears are removed so that God is free to work in their hearts. For the chaperones, I pray for their health and also that they have opportunity to see God at work during the weekend. May their hearts and minds be open to the work of the Holy Spirit. May their faith be enriched and encouraged. I pray that the leaders of SCREAM Retreat will be blessed by the Mt. Bethel community and that God will be glorified.

A simple list of names and some boxes to check off have become an instrument of God’s work. We, as a community of faith, have an opportunity to lift up each and every child, each parent, each family, and witness an opportunity for transformation. This is why I love my work here at Mt. Bethel. Even the mundane tasks of my job can turn into opportunities to grow in faith, see the work of God, and be a small part of God working in the lives of others. Please join me in prayer for all participants of the SCREAM Retreat. May you be richly blessed and return safely to us with great stories of God at work in your lives.

Susan Preece, Children’s Ministry