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Praise God, the Crates Were Full!

May 4, 2018
By Heather Wood, Missions Ministry

During the past two weeks, you
, Church, have brought medicine and food to help those requiring emergency relief in Venezuela. Not just some donations–4,450 pounds of donations! On the past two Sundays, you have given your time to sort and pack these donations for those who desperately need them. We had middle school boys carrying boxes to the trailer. High school Sunday school and Kid City wrote messages of love on the walls of the crates. The Boy Scouts let us use their open trailer to transport the crates, and a member graciously towed it up to the freight company. A generous donor paid for the shipping cost of the crates. And two Venezuelans even came to help pack when they heard the support we were giving. 

Through this time, concerns would pop up about whether we would have enough to fill two crates. But on the final Sunday of packing, as the final donations were being added to the tops of the crates, there was no space left! The crates were packed to the brim with exactly the amount needed. Now that is a God moment. 

God had this! Pastor Jared and those who gathered prayed over the crates before they were transported to the freight company. We ask that you continue to pray for the safe arrival of the crates to the Methodist Seminary in Venezuela. The journey will take five weeks. We will continue to pray for its journey and that God will protect it. 

So thank you! From the people of Venezuela. From your church. Your love for Christ shines brightly through those two crates you so generously gave.