Power Toddlers in Honduras

July 22, 2015
By Kathryn Kaish

Kathryn Kaish 3My week in Honduras was one of the most special mission trips I have had the opportunity to go on. It was amazing to see how Orphanage Emmanuel has come together and the opportunity these children have been given. I spent the week with the “Power Toddlers.” These are the four to six-year-old boys who have outgrown the Toddler House but are not old enough for the next house. They were the most energetic, joyful, and entertaining children I have ever spent time with.

We had Bible lessons with them each morning. We taught them about what it means to shine God’s lightKathryn Kaish 1and how they can do it every day. We played a game that illustrated what it means to live in darkness by blindfolding two of them and telling them to try and find another boy holding a lantern. We taught them that this darkness comes from not knowing and following Jesus. We also taught them “This Little Light of Mine” in Spanish. They loved it and asked us throughout the week to play and sing more. The most incredible part about working with these kids was seeing the Lord break down the language barrier between us. I was able to build such strong connections with these boys. Seeing the joy on their faces every morning when we got there was the best feeling in the world. Their love and joy despite some heartbreaking pasts with their families taught me a lot about how to love.

Kathryn Kaish 2One of the most unique aspects of this mission trip was that I could leave knowing how well these children are cared for and how much they are loved, far beyond my short stay there. Rather than leaving feeling guilty and disheartened, I left feeling hopeful and content with the lives these children are able to have at the orphanage. The Lord has truly softened my heart for mission work and working with children, and that week only strengthened this passion. I hope to return to the orphanage and see those boys again soon. Until then, I will be sponsoring one of the Power Toddlers and sending him presents for birthdays and Christmas. I praise God for this opportunity to learn and grow in Honduras surrounded by an incredible team and 500 amazing kids that can call that place home.

Kathryn Kaish