Playroom Redo!

August 26, 2015
By Mark and Nicole Taylor

courthouse playroomMany people read the previous blog post about the run-down condition of the playroom in the juvenile court. We had so many ask us what could be done or how they could help. While we feel it’s always good to raise awareness of the plight of children in foster care, one of the best ways we can help here is in a much more tangible way. With this in mind, we paid another visit to the playroom, and this time, we brought our two girls. Our four-year-old looked inside and then back at us. “But this is not a playroom,” she said, confused by the lack of toys or stuffed animals. We were there to measure and to talk with the bailiffs and even one of the judges. They explained how kids of all ages use the room and gave us their blessing to do whatever we wanted to help spruce it up!

We met with a designer and with several people who work with children and youth and came up with a way to add life into a nondescript 65 square foot playroom. The new design features storage areas that double as seats. We are including shelving on the wall that will free up floor space. We are going to paint the room in subtle stripes that will give the room a much more peaceful look and feel. We need your help to change this room.

Here are the needs that we have assessed to redo the room:




Bins for Bookcases

Additional Shelving (corner and near TV)

Two Magazine Racks



Magnet Board/Alphabet Letters



Large Building Blocks

Infant/Toddler Toys

Magazine Subscription


Flat Screen TV

Play Kitchen

Some of these things we will be purchasing brand new as to make the room cohesive and lasting. However, we have highlighted some items that we may be willing to accept as donations if they are in excellent condition. Once we re-do the playroom, it is likely to remain untouched for the next ten years, so we want everything to be of the highest quality to last.

 We are looking to raise $1500 for the renovation. If you would like to contribute to this fund, simply write a check to Mt. Bethel with Courthouse Playroom in the memo line. If you wish to make a donation with a debit/credit card, please call Sharon Wyland at 678.560.7462. Thank you so much for contributing!

Finally, if you have some time available to help with the project, please let us know ([email protected]). We would love a few extra hands on Thursday, September 3! We will make sure to post lots of pictures of the progress!

Mark and Nicole Taylor