Part of Something Bigger

February 2, 2017
By Amy Goodman, Consignment Sale Co-Chair

My son is saving his Christmas money and trying to earn extra from chores; he knows the consignment sale is right around the corner. My daughter hasn’t figured it out yet, but she remembers exactly where we bought her favorite nightgown last sale. She chose it herself and wears it as often as possible.

After all the new Christmas toys and gadgets were opened, we emptied the rotating bins we have of toys and played, “Tiny House Nation.” Everything we wanted to keep stayed in the bins and everything else will get consigned.

This sale, I have four things on hangers; I usually have more. My son is hard on pants and is at the age when everything fits for a season or two. My daughter is always dipping her elbows in paint or dripping something that permanently stains her shirts. We also have friends loan us clothes for her. If I only looked at the hanging items, I wouldn’t consign.

But, we pulled three laundry baskets of toys that are being cleaned and readied for consignment; some were brand new Christmas gifts that just didn’t make the cut. Add to that DVDs we’ve outgrown, shoes, a couple strollers, and a few other odds and ends, and I find myself with over eighty items to sell. It’s amazing what I found around the house.

My house is perfectly organized for about two days each Spring and Fall, the day after drop-off and the day before I bring our next series of treasures home. I can’t wait for that clean house feeling, the new laundry bins of clothes and treasures, and the satisfaction of serving a cause much bigger than meeting our family’s needs without breaking the bank.

Consignment Sale proceeds help disadvantaged young adults learn life skills in Romania.

The consignment sale is volunteer-run and non-profit. All proceeds go to missions that the Committee chooses, usually causes supporting women and children in need and many supplying basic necessities. That makes it different than any other consignment sale in the area. As a consignor, I get 70% of what I sell; 30% goes to charities going to the ends of the earth to further God’s cause. As a shopper, for every $100 I spend, $30 goes to those most hungry for Christ.

I serve on the Committee, so I know we keep costs low. We question every purchase we make. Last sale, the Committee provided all of the volunteer snacks so the sale could give more to the many missions we serve. We’d love to give more.

My son knows he’ll get a new toy and some new clothes out of the deal. This sale, I’ve agreed to give him whatever is earned on the toys we sell that are his. And then I get to tell him how he’s part of something bigger; I get to teach him a lesson in financial stewardship; I get to let him know a kid with no toys has toys because we donated the items that didn’t sell.

You can be part of something bigger too by being part of the sale. We can use more consignors, shoppers, and volunteers. Think you don’t have enough? Look around your house. You probably have plenty of items collecting dust and waiting for someone else to love. Or consider baking something for the Bake Sale. What a great way to contribute to the many causes we serve

The sale is March 3 and 4 in the Fellowship Hall. We invite you to join us and be part of something bigger. Find out more »

Amy Goodman, Consignment Sale Co-Chair