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The Mt. Bethel North Campus service launched in January of 2015. This campus provides an exciting opportunity to reach people with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

What time are the worship services?
We have services at 9am and 10:30am each Sunday.

Where is the church located?
Mt. Bethel UMC North Campus
2509 Post Oak Tritt Road
Marietta, GA 30062

Is there handicap accessibility?
Handicap parking is available directly behind the gymnasium.  There is an easy entrance into a side door that leads directly to our worship space.

What should I wear?
People at MB North tend to dress casually, but you’ll see everything from jeans to dresses.

Who will be preaching?
Rev. Steven Brumbeloe is the primary pastor for Mt. Bethel North Campus. Steven alternates Sundays with our other two awesome MB North pastors Rev. Kelly Brumbeloe and Rev. Matt Driggers.  Occasionally, there are MB East Cobb pastors or special guests in the pulpit.

What about my kids?
Upon arrival, you can check in with your kids at our MB Kids desk in the atrium. We encourage kids to remain with you in the Sanctuary for the first half of the service. They can participate alongside you as we worship, pray, and give! Prior to that Sunday’s message, a Pastor will invite all kids to walk down with MB Kids and MB Students staff members to age-appropriate programming. We also provide a professionally staffed nursery for infants, crawlers, and walkers in a room adjacent to the Sanctuary.

What is your relationship with Mt. Bethel UMC?
Mt. Bethel North is an extension campus of Mt. Bethel UMC. Members who join at the North Campus are full members of Mt. Bethel UMC. 

How can I get MB North News or MB ebulletins sent to me?
Sign up to receive newsletters and updates here. MB North News is emailed once and month, our MB ebulletin is generally emailed once a week. Both include Sunday’s service times and message topics, as well as lots of other useful information.