None Like Him

February 4, 2019
By Suzanne Tucker, Assistant Director of Worship and Arts Ministry

Recently in choir, we were rehearsing the anthem, “The Lord is My Salvation,” and the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal came to my mind. Now, I had some of the details mixed up. The song is about salvation, and that purchase on the cross was made long after the prophet Elijah lived and breathed and made his stand. But the story is on point! Our God is amazing! There is no one like Him.

Today, I looked up the story to get it straight in my head. If you want the full brief, turn to 1 Kings 18 and look for yourself–it reads like an action movie. Hundreds of prophets dancing and cutting themselves, begging gods that didn’t exist to ignite the offering on the altar, while Elijah taunts them: “Maybe your god is on vacation. Maybe he’s asleep? Better call out louder.” Then Elijah swaggers up (I’m pretty sure Elijah swaggered) and builds his altar to the God of Angel Armies. He uses 12 stones, one for each tribe of Israel. He digs a trench around the altar and instructs the people to pour buckets of water over the sacrifice and altar until the water runs down and fills the trench. And then he calls to God to light the fire: “Answer me, God; O answer me and reveal to this people that you are God, the true God, and that you are giving these people another chance at repentance.” (vs. 37)

Pause for a minute to comprehend the faith it took for Elijah to do this. He stood in front of 450 prophets of a false god. He stood before the whole people of Israel and before King Ahab. He did not hesitate or worry. He knew his God would be faithful.

And of course, He was! He rained down fire on the altar, burning up the offering, the wood, the stones, the dirt, and even the water in the trench. And the people believed and declared “God is the true God!” But Elijah wasn’t done. He looked at Ahab and said, “Eat and drink. You’ll need to be on your way. Rain is coming.” He went up to the top of Mt. Carmel, fell on his face, and prayed for God to end the drought that had plagued the land for three years. And on the horizon, a small cloud grew out of the ocean and rapidly sped toward them until the rains began to fall. The passage says that Elijah tied up his robes around his waist and ran the entire way in front of Ahab’s chariot!

What a story! But really it’s just the middle of the story. A story that begins with a God that created everything out of nothing. Then He built a boat to survive a flood, provided a blood sacrifice so that a boy didn’t have to die, made a barren woman give birth to a whole nation, dried up a sea to deliver a people, provided water in a desert, brought down walls, broke chains, defeated armies, raised the dead, and provided a way for you and me to live with Him eternally. And He’s not done yet. His story is not over; He writes it every day in my life and in yours. When He rescues, strengthens, heals, upholds, encourages, loves, answers prayers, He’s continuing to write the story of His greatness.

Now I ask you: Who is like the Lord our God?

He did it for them, and He’ll do it for you. Whether you need something ignited in your life, or you need the nourishing rains to fall on your soul, He will provide. He is “strong to save. Faithful in love.” With Him, our “debt is paid and the victory won!”

There is no one like Him.