No Regrets

December 29, 2017
By Communications

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About “No Regrets” Teaching Series

One of our most frequently expressed emotions is regret. We all have things we wish we had done differently – with more dedication, less fear, more compassion – but wouldn’t you like to start living a regret-free life right now? Join us at Mt. Bethel as we begin 2018 by identifying and embracing the defining moments that have the ability to change our lives.

Week 6 – The Secret to a Regret-Free Life

What is the secret to a life of “No Regrets?” In this final installment in the sermon series, we consider the life of Daniel. In a situation far more difficult than we can imagine, Daniel not only succeeded, he excelled. What was his secret? The secret is far easier than we think. Join us and discover the key to “No Regrets!”

Week Five – Giants

Giants. We have all faced them. Maybe they weren’t nine feet tall and 600 pounds. Maybe they weren’t even human, but they were still giants. They still stood in the way of achieving a dream. A life of “No Regrets” faces the fact that our giants will not leave on their own. You will have to take action to conquer your giants. Join us as we continue the sermon series “No Regrets” and discover how to apply the secret of the Old Testament Giant Slayer, David.

Week Four – Seizing Opportunities

Much of life is beyond our control. You have no control over when and where you were born or who your parents are. You probably didn’t choose where you went to elementary school or who your neighbors were. But some things you do get to choose, like how you spend your time and how you live your life. In this sermon we continue our series on living a life of “No Regrets.” Every opportunity has an expiration date and the cost of missing out can be greater than the cost of messing up. So, how do we capitalize on those opportunities? Join us as we connect with this week’s Old Testament hero, Joshua, and discover how God makes the seemingly impossible possible.

Week Three – Overcoming Fear

In this continuation of the sermon series “No Regrets” we examine the life of the Old Testament leader, Moses. Moses has been exalted as one of the great men of faith, yet a closer look reveals him to be a man who struggled with his share of fear. Fear is one of the great enemies of faith. In this sermon we explore how God worked so that faith conquered Moses’ fears. Join us as we discover how to live faithfully — living without regrets.

Week Two – The Bigger Picture

In life there is a bigger picture that is often ignored. The Christian life is not about the individual Christian. It’s not about their well being or the blessings they may crave. The Christian life is about God and the Kingdom of God. This is why a life of “No Regrets” can be challenging. The Christian life is not “pie by and by in the sky,” but at the same time it is not all peace and comfort. Following Christ is the key to the abundant life Jesus promised. Join us as we take another look at the Father of our Faith, Abraham, and discover how he handled the unknown future.

Week One – Following God into Unexpected Places

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we want. In fact, for most of us, our dreams turn out very differently from reality. Life sometimes feels like a series of lines in which we unhappily wait, hoping that this will be the one that leads us to what we’re seeking. How do we respond to God when we are desperate for a blessing but we are told to “Wait”? This week, we will be looking at the Old Testament figure, Abraham. God told Abraham he would be the father of a great nation, but it didn’t happen overnight. Abraham had to wait, and his story will teach us a lot about how to be faithful in the waiting. Join us Sunday, January 7, and discover how exciting it can be to follow God into unexpected places and live with no regrets.